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13th January 2005, 18:21
Alright lads, never thought about going for the navy before always just considered the army. Recently being thinking about it and talking to a few people in the navy and have realised it would be a really exciting career, with a better day to day than the army.

Im in 2nd year of a 3 year course so this time next year ill be going for the cadets. What I was wondering was what should i do in the year i have to boost my chances of getting the navy cadets? I dont know anything about ships or the navy but i will by next year. Do the navy only take in people who have experience or knowledge or family ties or can you get in if you know nothing?

13th January 2005, 18:38
Obviously a knowledge of the job is essential...family backround is not though.What branch do you intend on trying for ? use the search function as this topic was covered a couple of months back.

13th January 2005, 19:28
You could try taking up sailing

14th January 2005, 00:22
Id be going for the executive branch because i doubt engineering would be up my street. Yeh i was thinking of doing a sailing course of some description for a week in the Summer or maybe a Scuba Diving course or something. Need to be able to fill out the activities part of the form with something navy like. All i do besides fca is boxing and soccer doubt any of them are very navy relevant though.

Chief Bubblewrap
14th January 2005, 01:28
All i do besides fca is boxing and soccer doubt any of them are very navy relevant though.

Stamina is extremely important. Tis a good idea to do scuba divin / sailing / canoeing, you'll build a tolerance to the cold and dampness which will really come into intself when the body is put under stress, eg. night excercises when the temp drops, marchin in wet weather, scratch, and "missions" gone on by cadets.

Goldie fish
14th January 2005, 06:46
You could try taking up sailing
Talking to recent naval cadets,sailing was not popular as a hobby among any of them. If you are going to do anything aquatic,I suggest a RIB course,or something that could be useful if you were successful. Last time I looked none of the PVs had sails...

14th January 2005, 15:00
I'm a landlubber, what do I know. I only thought showing an interest in something maritime might help. Still boxing and soccer is good, team sport fitness and all that.

14th January 2005, 15:14
Could you tell us what a RIB course is?

14th January 2005, 18:13
I guessing "Rigid Inflatible Boat", but could be wrong

14th January 2005, 19:56
lefty, why not try join an NSR Unit, it'll give you an insight as what to expect,
also you'll get to see whether its for you or not.
At least its something nautical on your CV.

Goldie fish
14th January 2005, 20:12
Could you tell us what a RIB course is?

Click here (http://www.marinemotorscork.com/PTIlevel12.htm)

15th January 2005, 00:14
Im already in the fca so i dont really want to leave it to join the slua. Thanks for the link goldie fish ill look for a rib course near to where i live

super slug
16th January 2005, 07:26
the slua will put you on a RIB course, and more than likely you'll get to sea a few times as well. You wont get anything better than that to put on your form.

Vice Admiral
16th January 2005, 17:02
And if you do get a cadetship it will be the last time you drive a rib. If you want to do a sailing course then that will help just as much. Team sports of any description weigh much more than the type of activity.