View Full Version : RAF Aircraft Missing

23rd March 2003, 06:22
There are report this moring that an RAF Aircraft returning from a combat mission is missing somewhere in Iraq.

23rd March 2003, 07:54
It now appers that the RAF Aircraft was shot down returning from a mission by a battery of US Patroit Missiles.

23rd March 2003, 09:37
Looks like someone f***ed up on the IFF.

Big Al
23rd March 2003, 11:32
the yanks are more dangerous than the iraqi's!!

23rd March 2003, 14:05
Now check this one out. If it is true it would be a major coup for the Iraqi's. The US have denied the reports.........

The US has denied that any of its planes have been shot down by Iraqi forces or that any of its troops have been taken prisoner.

US General Richard Myers has denied reports that a coalition plane has been shot down over Baghdad.

'We checked just before coming on the air, and all planes are reported safe at this point,' the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said on ABC television.

Al Jazeera, the Arab satellite television channel, has reported that Iraqi troops had found two shot down US or British aircrew hiding in reeds on the edge of the Tigris river in Baghdad.

Abu Dhabi TV is showing pictures of troops searching the reeds on the edge of the river. No coalition crew have so far been shown.

An Iraqi military spokesman said earlier that that five coalition planes and two helicopters had been shot down. Iraq's Vice President, Taha Yassin Ramadan, said that Iraqi television would soon be showing pictures of US prisoners.

He said the prisoners were captured during a battle for a bridge across the Euphrates River yesterday.