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9th January 2003, 11:29
Found this while browsing on the RTE NEWS web site.

anuary 9, 2003


The Army has responded to claims by a town cleaner in Wexford that they did nothing to help him when he was attacked by two youths on New Year’s Eve.

In an interview on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland today, 54-year-old Larry Flood alleged that a group of soldiers and gardaí who were on bank escort duty nearby failed to intervene while he was being kicked and punched.

A spokesman for the Defence Forces said that individual armed soldiers involved in security operations did not have the discretion to intervene in incidents.

But he said that like any other citizen, if the soldiers involved did witness the assault, they should have informed the gardaí.

9th January 2003, 18:10
What did he expect??? just cause the army were there doesnt mean he's safe! they were on duty protecting a bank/convoy.... they cant go fannying about stoping some teenage punks from slaping some old guy around!!!! as for the gardai.... they should of done something!! (not gardai bashing!!!)

9th January 2003, 20:43
I think it was shameful that either the gardai,or the soldiers, didn't help this man.

I saw him on the news tonight and he was very badly injured. He saidhe merely asked his attackers to move as he was cleaning the street,and they set upon him.
The doctors who treated him said he was very nearly killed.
Apparently the guards and soldiers merely called the local cops to come and help - by which time he could have been dead !

It's a sad day when people in the service of the state won't come to the aid of one of it's citizens !!!

9th January 2003, 22:39
What were the soldiers to do - abandon their posts & run over pointing their weapons at them? What if the soldiers got involved and were disarmed? What if it was a ploy to draw them away from the bank?

It was an unfortunate incident but I believe both the Gardai and soldiers in question acted correctly.

Goldie fish
9th January 2003, 22:49
:o Now lads..we all Know the rules...
I dont think its up for discussion what should and should not have been done..
There were civilians there too...nobody is asking why they didnt help..at least the GardaI got him help..the average civvy would have walked away..

Either way..we Cannot and should not discuss the rights and wrongs here!

9th January 2003, 22:59
Oh no.... Not again! if this statrs ANOTHER topic like the abbylara/mccarthy one....
leave it goldie fish.........please for the love of god leave it:(