View Full Version : Drone Captured

Gunner Al
29th March 2003, 11:28
Did anyone see that the Iraqis have got one of the downed Birtish/US drone aircraft yesterday.

I didnt know they were using drones much.

Does anyone know much about thes drones?
Are they just used for reconisence or are they capable of offence/defence???

29th March 2003, 22:55
drone s function in three different capacities

1. recce
2.. control for other weapons ..ie satelie guided munitions
3 capable of launchng offensive munitions ... saves on manpower..the machine shot down is a purly recce machine

30th March 2003, 21:46
They seem to have taken it out with small arms fire. and it had a parachute that was ment to aid its return to mother earth but you know.......