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1st April 2003, 19:47
Does anyone have the drill instructions in Irish and English?



1st April 2003, 19:52

Think you'll find everything you need there.

2nd April 2003, 13:40
Bualaigh Am... go on then admit it... who uses it ( Yer WRONG)

2nd April 2003, 14:00
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00">Well Greadaigh Fúibh is more gramatically correct however "Iompaigh Thart" isn't, it should be Thart Iompaigh as given when at the stad!!

Cock up in the foot drill manual that has just stuck.

and when was Bogtar Tuailimí last pronounced correctly??


2nd April 2003, 14:07
When I pronounced it last.

2nd April 2003, 15:11
Bailer, that's blasphemy!
Don't you know the manual is always correct!:p

2nd April 2003, 15:56
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00">Yes but my mother is from Catháir Domhainall in Kerry and She's a teacher and battered Irish grammer into me since the day I was born!! So she supercedes the Manual!!


2nd April 2003, 19:48
Originally posted by Bailer
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00">
and when was Bogtar Tuailimí last pronounced correctly??


It has always sounded like "Bogtar Tuairmí" to me (which could be translated as "release opinions").

There isn't much standardisation of commands and less of pronunciation - every NCO seems to have their own flavour and ... lol ... some of it isn't even Irish

3rd April 2003, 02:55
Originally posted by Loque
Bailer, that's blasphemy!
Don't you know the manual is always correct!:p

No its hericy!

3rd April 2003, 09:32
TIM, perhaps it's just plain treason!:p

3rd April 2003, 21:44
Yes Treason...i like the sound of that!

3rd April 2003, 22:44
Originally posted by kermit
Defence Act 1954

The blessed Bible......

4th April 2003, 10:52
Sorry Kermit you can no longer sentance someone to death (we kinda voted it out of the constitution)

4th April 2003, 11:17
<FONT FACE="TAHOMA" color="#99cc00">The Manual can Be wrong thats why you can suggest ammendments to the Manual, and who here's seen a FD manual under 30 years old!!!

And I doubt Captiol Punishment was in the Defence Act!


4th April 2003, 11:33


Capital offences by commanders when in action.

124.-Every officer subject to military law and in command of a State ship, service aircraft, defence establishment, unit or other clement of the Defence Forces-

( a ) who, when under orders to carry out an operation of war or on coming into contact with an enemy that it is his duty to engage, negligently or through other default, does not use his utmost exertion to bring the officers and men under his command or his ship, aircraft, or his other matériel into action, or

( b ) who, when capable of making a successful defence, surrenders his ship, aircraft, vehicle, defence establishment, material or unit to the enemy, or

( c ) who, being in action, unjustifiably withdraws from the action, or

( d ) who unjustifiably fails to pursue an enemy or to consolidate a position gained, or

( e ) who unjustifiably fails to relieve or assist a known friend to the utmost of his power, or

( f ) who, when in action, unjustifiably forsakes his station,

in guilty of an offence against military law and shall, on conviction by court-martial, be liable to suffer death or any less punishment awardable by a court-martial.

1954 18 125
Capital offences by any person in relation to the enemy.

125.-Every person subject to military law-

( a ) who treacherously deserts to the enemy, or

( b ) who treacherously or without due authority sends a flag of truce to the enemy, or

( c ) who treacherously or without due authority holds communication with or gives intelligence to the enemy, or

( d ) who misbehaves or induces others to misbehave before the enemy in such a way as to show cowardice, or

( e ) who assists the enemy with matériel, or

( f ) who knowingly harbours or protects an enemy not being a prisoner, or

( g ) who treacherously assists the enemy by giving a false identification or other signal or altering or interfering with any signal, or

( h ) who improperly delays or treacherously or in a cowardly manner discourages any action against the enemy, or

( i ) who, when ordered to carry out an operation of war, negligently or through other default fails to use his utmost exertion to carry the orders into effect, or

( j ) who treacherously or unjustifiably abandons or delivers up any defence establishment, garrison, place, State ship, service aircraft, vehicle or animal, matériel, post or guard, or

( k ) who knowingly does or omits to do anything that results in the capture by the enemy of persons or the capture or destruction by the enemy of matériel, or

( l ) who treacherously assists the enemy in any way not specifically hereinbefore mentioned in this section, or

( m ) who, while serving in a State ship involved in the convoying and protection of vessels,-

(i) fails to defend the vessels and goods under convoy, or
(ii) refuses to fight in defence of the vessels in his convoy if they are attacked, or
(iii) cowardly abandons or exposes the vessels in his convoy to hazards,
is guilty of an offence against military law and shall, on conviction by court-martial, be liable to suffer death or any less punishment awardable by a court-martial.


1954 18 227
Sentence of death.

(1) A sentence of death passed by a court-martial and confirmed shall not be carried out unless and until the execution of the sentence has been approved by the Government.

(2) Where the execution of a sentence of death passed by a court-martial and confirmed has been approved by the Government, the confirming authority-

( a ) shall be responsible for the execution of the sentence, and
( b ) shall direct the manner in which it is to be carried out,

4th April 2003, 11:41
All of which is subject to the constitution which makes that sentance illegal

4th April 2003, 12:01
Absolutely, but it was in the original act, to answer Bailer's question.

4th April 2003, 12:26
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00">

Dear Sir(s),

I Refer you to the above posts. In which I have been acused of Treason, Heracy and Blasphemy, for saying there was a Grammatical mistake in the FootDrill manual. I have also been threatened with the Death Penalty Which as pointed out is No longer constitutional, I would also like to point out that saying the manual is wrong is not a Capitol offence under the 1954 Defence ACT, and these threats and suggestions are false.

I propose that these statements are False and that by saying I am guilty of Heracy and Blasphemy contravenes my religious beliefs and constitutes as Harrasment as do the threats of the death Penalty. I believe all persons involved are in breach of DFR A7 and should be charged under section 141 of the 1954 Defence ACT.

Your Sincerely,


4th April 2003, 12:45
Well the death penalty was kermit's idea. Kermit I propose you give Bailer some penalty points instead!, let's not go too far!!!:p

4th April 2003, 13:31
although we got rid of the death penalty with the Nice referendum, under military law however you can still be given the death penalty. Im probably wring as usual but thats what i was told by my training sgt.

4th April 2003, 13:35
<FONT FACE="TAHOMA" COLOR="#99CC00">The Irish Word of Command as per The Footdrill Manual,

<font color="ffffff">At the Stad: Ag Iompaigh, THairt, Iompaigh!</font>
<font color="#99cc00">Translation: Turning, About, TURN!

This Shows That the Irish word of Command is Gramatically Correct aswell as Being in Line with all other Foot drill Orders as "Iompaigh" is the Executionary word of Command and therefore the troops should turn on receipt of this word.
<font color="ffffff">ON The March: Ag Iompaigh, Iompaigh, THairt!</font>
<font color="#99cc00">Translation: Turning, Turning About!

Now this not only Contradicts the Order at the stad but also is gramtically incorrect and is not in line with every other order in the Manual. "Thairt" is not the Executionary word of the order therefore should not be the final phrase in the command!!!

So Who agrees with me!!


4th April 2003, 13:38
Sergeant, take that man's name. No thinking in the ranks!

4th April 2003, 13:40
No Inf Boy. The constitution superseeds everything.

4th April 2003, 13:45
Originally posted by Bravo20
No Inf Boy. The constitution superseeds everything.

Sound cheers for clearing that up for me:p

4th April 2003, 13:51
The constitution superseeds everything

Except the European Convention on Human Rights, of course:D

4th April 2003, 14:32
Bailer, joking aside you are correct, the manual should have the same word order for at the halt and on the march. The thing is that the incorrect "Ag Iompaigh, Iompaigh, Thairt! " seems to be used for both at the halt and on the march in practice. The manual should be ammended and reprinted. I think that most people don't notice this error or just ignore it to make life easier.

4th April 2003, 14:47
Okay folks settle down....death threats because of the foot drill manaul...little bit over the top don't you think.

It dosen't matter grammatically....the only reason the foot drill manual was loosely translated in to Irish ....is?

originally the FD was in English and an allowance was payable to any NCO who would carry out the instruction in Irish.....the result was adisaster guys were making it up as they went along and the allowance was being paid to NCOs who could barely speak english ...never mind Irish.....the format was standardized to rid the confusion and since so many guys were being paid the allowance and so many people had been instructed through the Irish version it was decided that this way should continue as most of the serving soldiers were now ignorant of the English translation

NOW..NO talking in the ranks ..look to your front.....not a move>>>>>>What are you looking at sunshine?

4th April 2003, 14:49
same ugly thing thats looking back sir!

4th April 2003, 17:27
<FONT FACE="TAHOMA" COLOR="#99CC00">Well I've only heard it on the March everyone uses the Correct order for the command at the Stad.

On our Pots course the PDF instructor told us that Iompaigh Thairt Was Incorrect and not to use it. Only to have the FCA instructors tell us that we had to go by the Manual and the reason it was different was to avoid confusion (Although how people can confuse if they're at the Stad or Marching is Beyond me) But then again it was run by the 21Bn.


4th April 2003, 23:19
don't call me SIR... I work for a living!...look to your front!

4th April 2003, 23:57
Yes Sargent!


5th April 2003, 14:44

6th April 2003, 14:32
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00">I used to think whoever said that was a right Bastard Drivergirl, Until I started Quoting it myself!!!