View Full Version : Naval Base Open Day 2005

5th July 2005, 03:51
The open day this year will be held on Sat 27th August at Haulbowline
11:00 Hrs - 16:00 Hrs.

5th July 2005, 06:48
'll be there!

Goldie fish
5th July 2005, 16:50
I'll be there too,earier than last year....

5th July 2005, 19:27
Murph - lets get the corvette that has been in your attic all together for this day.

Goldie can you please leave the cadet's alone ?? ha ha

Goldie fish
5th July 2005, 19:50
She left the navy after..I had nothing to do with it..honest...

5th July 2005, 20:21
that corvette will be in my attic for sometime to come..or at least util i can find the price of the proper weapons fit...its going to cost me more than the bloody corvette....maybe next year.