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DJ Hammy
3rd April 2003, 18:43
Hi lads, me again, hopefully I will be joining up soon, and I am just wondering what a Private *** basic military equipment is.
Just say for cash escorts, what equipment do they carry?

3rd April 2003, 19:10
I don't think it's appropriate to be talking about what's carried on a cash escort, but if you take a look at www.rdfra.ie there's info on what an RDF soldier should be equipped with. That's a pretty good indicator of what the PDF would carry on the ground.

DJ Hammy
3rd April 2003, 20:29
Cheers bud.That's a cool site

3rd April 2003, 20:49
Just say for cash escorts, what equipment do they carry?

And the alarm bells go ding-a-ling-a-ling. Why didn't you look for a sketch map of Portlaois prison or something simple like that.

DJ Hammy
3rd April 2003, 22:12
I actually didn't mean it like that.But military.ie tells ya f**k all.

But, how much would it be for a map(and underground map) of Portloise?Ha ha ha

3rd April 2003, 22:14
if ya talk to the right person, it could be got.........

4th April 2003, 12:04
The first part of the initial question has been answered.
The second part is out of order, so this thread is locked.