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18th July 2005, 23:22

Just wondering if there are many ex-merchant navy officers in the irish navy?
do they find it difficult to adjust?

how does a merchant navy officer go about signing up with the lads in Haulbowline?

19th July 2005, 12:54
I was told that you need 2 years at sea as a 3rd officer or higher.

19th July 2005, 17:07
there's a good few of merchantmen in the NS. I imagine they get on grand, never heard any complain. Sea trips are far shorter than what some are used to. I'd start by ringing manpower section.

Bitter Boy
19th July 2005, 23:01
Talking to one such direct entry MEO last year, he was having difficulty adjusting to the whole public service way of work - i.e. slow pace of change, no money for new kit, politics etc. However it was suiting him better on a personal scale vis a vis settling down in one spot

6th August 2005, 16:57
the current OC naval base and Depot...Capt James Robinson DSM is a former Merchant officer.....to name but a few.

Thre were afew adss on the papers about it last year. I catually served abord ship with some of the DEs..good as any proffessional Naval Officer....go for it!

11th August 2005, 19:37
Nice one Lads,

Thank You for all the advice. ill take it into consideration.
Ive been doing 4 month long trips on Oil tankers and it sure is a quiet life.......
Time for a change i think!

Good Watch


Goldie fish
11th August 2005, 20:19
Are you a swabbie or a grease monkey?

13th August 2005, 22:29
Im a Swabbie...... currently working as an OOW on oil tankers......4 month trips...no shore leave, no beer.....complete madness....

3 week patrols dont seem too bad!

19th August 2005, 17:06
You should apply to the Manpower Officer Pms Haulbowline for further information on gaining entry as a DE officer in the Naval Service