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Frank Aiken
11th April 2003, 12:37
Does any body know any of the units that are taking part in the All Army shoot? How may teams are taking part? is it one team per Bde?
And does any body have the scores of any of the wining teams of the Bde shoots?

11th April 2003, 15:44
the southern Brigade shot has yet to take place andas my crystal ball is on the blink I can't tell you who the winneres are or what the scores are.....

11th April 2003, 17:03
Eastern Brigade

1st - 8 Bn
2nd - ?

1st - 7 Bn
2nd - 20 Bn

1st - 20 Bn

Falling Plates
1st - 11 Tpt Coy
2nd - 20 Bn

We were told that the first 2 teams from each competition except for the pistol went forward to the All-Army, though we could have been misinformed.

[Anyone know who came second in the Rifle?]

11th April 2003, 22:49
2nd in the rifle was the 11 cav

Gunner Al
11th April 2003, 23:18
Poxy 19th Bty was representing the 7FAR. :mad:

If it had of been the 14 Bty we would be through!!!!

12th April 2003, 02:03
11 S&T won the plates? Hoo rah!

13th April 2003, 23:26
yes and they shot brilliantly, fair play

13th April 2003, 23:50
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00">Yeah they Wiped The Floor at the Bde Shoot Last Year Destroying the 7th and 21bn on the Way (the 21 or 7 usually win it) Fair Play to them


14th April 2003, 08:21
Anybody know the times for the winners in the plates ?

14th April 2003, 21:17
yeah but last year they were beaten by the 3rd cav in the all army

iron arse
15th April 2003, 16:08
What times did the 11 S&T get in their Brigade Shoot? I hear they did very well in Finner Camp last year, at the All Army. They came 2nd or 3rd didnít they, their bloody good and fair play to them.

Southern Brigade Shoot in on in Kilworth on the weekend of the 26th and 27th. And as far as I know the All Army is being held in Kilworth as well.

16th April 2003, 10:50
Their best time was 28 seconds and their worst time was 34 seconds. At no time did they have to resort to their second magazine.

16th April 2003, 16:30
The 11th S+T were fourth to the 3 Cavalry sduadron at the all army in Finner last year.

I'm a bit suprised at the times as last year at the all army they were able to put up 22 seconds.

the Southern brigade competition will be held in Kilworth the week after easter.

the 3 Cav have lost part of their team from last year but we'll have to see how the mix of old and knew will work out.

iron arse
16th April 2003, 17:14
I'm a bit suprised at the times as last year at the all army they were able to put up 22 seconds.

True, 28 seconds isnít really what id expects from a team who are able to compete at such high levels.

How are the others getting on? Anyone from the 3 cav able to tell us if the 11 S&T have anything to worry about.

If any team has to resort to their second magazine then theyíre not even at the races.

16th April 2003, 17:15
Yep, that's what I said on the day.

iron arse
16th April 2003, 18:21
Originally posted by hptmurphy
yeah but last year they were beaten by the 3rd cav in the all army

I just was looking at the results from the all army last year, they (the 11 S&T) were also beaten by the 22bn who went on the win the all army.

16th April 2003, 22:59
Who ever wins in the Southern Brigade I dont care. As long as the 13th swipes all before it :-patriot: :-patriot: :-patriot:

Western Commando
24th April 2003, 13:06
Anybody know the results from the W Bde Shoot?

24th April 2003, 14:16
Who here is going to at the Southern Brigade Shoots over the weekend??

24th April 2003, 18:06
Me ...# cav faling plates ...again......I'm getting too old for this shit

24th April 2003, 18:15
Originally posted by hptmurphy
I'm getting too old for this shit

Damn Straight!!!

Goldie fish
24th April 2003, 19:22
Wherever water is boiled to make tea then,as usual?

Cant go meself..workin..:(

24th April 2003, 21:43
I`ll be there both days see some of you there. Its going to be interesting :flagwave: :flagwave:

Titus Balsac
25th April 2003, 14:55
I'll be down there too, don't think I'll be staying the night though, best of luck to ye all in the competition anyway.

25th April 2003, 15:26
Come and see me at the ice cream stall....free choc ice for all those who turn up....looks like the weather is going to be a repeat on last year..

Goldie has an excuse as usual for missing out.........kermit will be at the PAs Tent to stop the Cav nicking his gear...........HPT will be seeking shelter in the beer tent......see y'll there please do come and seek me out....can't fail to recognise me .....I'm the guy with the name bage that says.....Murphy......yes we got our new badges especially for the day.

iron arse
25th April 2003, 16:56
Wild horses wouldnít keep me from Kilworth tomorrow morning, bring on the engineers.

The weather is going to be Sh*t, rain, wind, dark skies all over the shop. Perfect for shooting plates

Who do you, (the wisest computer literate soldiers) think are the likely contenders for the falling plates tomorrow and Sunday, be honest now.

the one and only 8 Far

25th April 2003, 17:05
Are the 8FAR in the running any more?

25th April 2003, 19:27
If the 8FAR are competing they will win it, with the 3cav coming second with 13bn up there with the rest of them (after some hard training in the past week). I will seek out most of you all there tomorrow or sunday. If your looking for me the name tag reads casey.
11Bn will do well again. But I dont care as long as the 13Bn kick ass.
To all competitors my the best team win and best of luck. see you all there.

iron arse
25th April 2003, 19:47
Originally posted by Thorpe
If the 8FAR are competing they will win it, with the 3cav coming second with 13bn up there with the rest of them.

Hay thorp, how do you think the 22nd will perform after winning the brigade shoot last year and then winning the all army in Finner Camp last June 2002? Not to mention they won the all army the year before the foot and mouth thing in 2000, so thats two in a row.
You havenít mentioned them at all!

Truck Driver
25th April 2003, 19:50
Could someone post the results of the 1 S Bde shoot after the weekend?

Let us all know what the competition is like.........

25th April 2003, 20:39
my money is on the 22nd first and the Cav second...changes in the team mean we don't have the same expierience as last year but we have introduced a brand new factor,,,,YOUTH but some of the ould fellas remain.
best of luck to all...hope to see some of you guys over the weekend......

26th April 2003, 19:31
Well, we did ourselves very proud today considering the news we recieved during the competition (very sad news but Im not going to say what the news was, but I will say may the man rest in peace).
3Cav in my opinion look the best Ive seen in kilworth all day. 22nd looked good as well but they didnt look as good as before.
13th Kicked sum serious arse today, especially in our 2nd round against the 23rd. Plate spun in the 1st round but ref blew to say we had won it. Then relaised the mistake and it was re-run which we lost to a techicality but we hammered them in the next two to win it. Victory is so sweet. Now that is how to operate under pressure. We may not be the fastest but we have some really good shooters and I have a feeling that we could win it.
GO ON THE 13TH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:flagwave: :flagwave: :flagwave:
Great to meet you HPT

26th April 2003, 19:42
Frogot to mention semi-finals in the plates tomorrow are:
13 Bn Vs 22 Bn (Gruge match) (I know for diffenate) and from what I could make out from back at the feeding shed 3Cav Sqd Vs 8FAR.
Rock on the 13th:flagwave: :flagwave: :flagwave:

iron arse
26th April 2003, 20:27
13 BN Vs 4 AD
13 won in two goes, didnít see much of that one. But the 13th seem to be very experienced and know how to knock plates.

23 BN Vs 3 FAR
23 won but it was the most disappointing match of the day. On the second run, after both teams using all their rounds, there were still 3 plates left standing. 23rd won on 2 runs.

22 BN Vs 3COE
This was the first of two runs that had to be rerun after a spun plate, the organisers arenít paying much attention to the plates. 22nd won all 3 of the runs with 8 plates in the last run left on the 3 COE side

3 CAV Vs MPs
3 CAV walked away with this one. On the first run the MPs didnít even knock a sausage. Stick to the gate lads.

3 ADB Vs 14 BN
14th won in two runs. Nothing else to say about this match.

3 TC Vs 8FAR
8FAR won in two runs, however, the second run took them over 39 sec. They are better than that.

ľ final of the first pool

23 BN Vs 13 BN
Everything that could go wrong went wrong in this match. Spun plate followed by a rerun, opening a pouch before getting to the firing point resulting in a 23rd being given the run and so forth. Anyway the 13th won convincingly.

22BN Vs 11BN
22nd won on two runs, 11th had 3 plates standing each time. Times were quite consistent.

ľ final of the second pool

3Cav Vs 14BN
14th won the first run but only by a hairs breath, the CAV won the other two in great times.

15BN Vs 8FAR
15th won the first, but I think the 8th had been training with the slings off and when told to put them around their necks this may have put them off. The second run was a photo finish won by the 8FAR, and their last run was the best time all day in 20sec using only 15 rounds. Very well done 8FAR (and to think I forgot they existed).

iron arse
26th April 2003, 20:36
Originally posted by Thorpe

13 Bn Vs 22 Bn (Gruge match) (I know for diffenate)

Why all this hostility, did someone from the 22nd upset you as child or piss in your corn flaks at camp??

It will be a great match, but Im putting my money on the 22nd

Tell me Thorpe, what is the avg age of the 13ths falling plates team. I guess about 35 or 36, out of the 6 shooters there are 5 grey haired men and a ginger lad. Its like dads army are competing in this years 1 southern brigade shoot.

Curious George
26th April 2003, 22:17
So it's a case of Age versus Beauty.
Who will triumph?
I have my money on the younger legs too be honest but then again I'm biased. Should be a good day tomorrow all the same.

Don't know why you reckon it's a grudge match though? The 22nd have no hard feelings against the 13th! Some of their NCO's actually trained me at Boot Camp, so it will be kinda weird running off against them tomorrow but I definately wouldn't call it bitter rivalry.

8FAR may have had the fastest time today but the rest of their runs were shite, they qualified through very easily if you ask me.

My predictions. 22nd and 3Cav in the Final

22nd to Win.

Come on the 22nd!

27th April 2003, 21:05
Well our predictions were wrong lads:-patriot: Well done to all those who competed in the 1 Southern Brigade Shooting competition in Kilworth and to those who will repersent the Brigade in the All Army in May in the same location kick some out of towners behind and sent them packing.
Full results
BAP: 1st. 15 Inf (299 points), 2nd. 8FAR (275 points), 3rd. 3MPC (269 points), 4th. 4AD (257 points), 5th 13 Inf (253points ).
Bren LMG: 1st. 23 INF (323 points), 2nd. 22 INF (303 points)
Rifle 1st. 11 Inf (589 points), 2nd. 13 Inf (556 points), 3rd. 22 Inf (549 points), 4th. 15 Inf (535 points), 5th. 14 Inf (510 points).
Falling Plates
3 Cav Sqd.beat the 13 Inf. 2 legs to 1. Strange match that. Can Some one explain the re-run???? Well done HPT and gang, and to Iron Arse it was close fight and a good battle (I have no hard feeling against the 22 Inf. It was just a friendly piece of riverly)

27th April 2003, 21:08
The 3 Cav triumph.

the 13th bet the 22nd......this broke the mould

the 3rd cav beat the 8th Far

the final was the 3rd Cav and the 13th.........an unprecedented 4 round epic with two well matched teams

First leg was decided as a draw the camera could n't even tell the difference

the second leg wwent to the 13th

the 3rd cav won the next two........final time 20.28 seconds.....

hard luck to the thirteenth and thanks for breaking our jinx with the 22nd.

Thanks to all the guys ...from the 22nd...the 14.....thorpe and kermit .....nice to be able to put faces to names....

see you all at the all army.

iron arse
27th April 2003, 21:55
Yuck, Iím eating my own word and they taste shite.

What a day. (I only care about the falling plates). 4 savage teams, 3 nail biting matches and I am absolutely gutted for the 22nd, and myself but genuinely delighted for Murph and the lads from the CAV.

There always up there, every year. I donít know when they last wont, but I wouldnít begrudge them a plate.

Hey Thorp, Id say you will you took me up on that bet now, I would have paid up and all.

Now My Post-mortem


22BN -V- 13BN
So very very close, I think all who say would agree. 13th proved themselves to be consistent in both times and accuracy averaging 23sec and handing back 15 and 16 rounds respectively. 22nd lost both run, but knocked all but one plates.

3CAV -V- 8 FAR
Tit for tat match. Cav won the first in 27sec, which means the 8th were slower again, but pulled back in the second with a savage 20sec run. But all in vein as the Cav left them with 3 plates standing in the last run to see them in to the final.


3CAV -V- 13BN
What was the story with the first run would someone tell me. If they canít come to a decision as to who won a run, they count the rounds handed back. The referees made several mistakes this weekend, need to pull up their sock for the all army.
The second round was uncharacteristic of both teams. The Cav took forever to knock their last plat, at least 6sec. I have said it before if you have to go to the second mag your not even at the races. 13th took that one in a shite time of 28sec.
Cav won the second official run by the skin of their teeth, 13th playing catch up very well indeed.
Last run was a textbook run, wish I had on video to use in training. 13th had 3 plates left standing and looking very lonely up there. Well done to the Cav, the 22nd will be routing for you lads in the all army.

iron arse
27th April 2003, 21:58
Originally posted by Thorpe
and to Iron Arse it was close fight and a good battle (I have no hard feeling against the 22 Inf. It was just a friendly piece of riverly)

Hear hear

28th April 2003, 09:46
I didn't meet any of you that I didn't already know because I was in the Butts for two days!

Thorpe and Iron Arse: any calls that were disputed were checked on the video. Some matches were re-run if there was any ambiguity. The plate that 'spun' (although I didn't see it from where I was) was most definetely down when we went out to put them all back up again.

22bn: you're a great bunch of lads - hard luck! It must be tough to be beaten by 'Dad's Army' :)

28th April 2003, 12:26
Iron Arse, I was skint at the time so could bet on nothing.
Well done to the Cav once again. See most of yau all at the all army in a months time

28th April 2003, 12:30
Does anyone know, is it 2 teams from each command going to All Army this year or is it only one (like last year)?

iron arse
28th April 2003, 12:31
Originally posted by Earhart
22bn: you're a great bunch of lads - hard luck! It must be tough to be beaten by 'Dad's Army' :)

Oohh itís a pure killer. But if I could pick the brain of a few of those old soldiers I would. Their secret weapon was not the styer but their experience. We weíre beaten narrowly by an equally good team, maybe on another day things could have been different. But Iím glad to have a few months off from training.

Best of luck to them in the all army.

Curious George
28th April 2003, 12:32
Kilworth is bigger than Finner so it's two from each command!

iron arse
28th April 2003, 12:39
Originally posted by Bravo20
Does anyone know, is it 2 teams from each command going to All Army this year or is it only one (like last year)?

Two team from each brigade. Finner Camp only has one large range so thing were on a smaller scale. This year itís on in Kilworth so there can and will be more team in each competition.

George you posted while i was writing. though you had a meeting.

Curious George
28th April 2003, 12:54
I had it's over. Shouldn't have bothered rushing up.

Anyway, best of luck to the Cav at the All-Army I'm sure they'll do great.

28th April 2003, 13:50
Well done to the 3rd Cav.(a seriously good bunch of guys) Hope they go all the way and win the All-Army now. They have been there alongside us for the last couple of years so it was only a matter of time before they broke our winning streak. It was a great two days and an a very exciting competition. The 22nd will be back next year, but with a change team i'm sure. I will be bowing out of this competition for good, dissapointed we didn't do the 3 in a row but happy to have trained, shot and competed with some of the best men and women this country has to offer.

There's a new team in town this year and its the 3rd Cav do the Southern Brigade proud and bring back that silverware to the the South were it belongs.

28th April 2003, 14:22
Anyone know the results of the Western Command shoot, that was on in Finner at the w/end. :flagwave:

28th April 2003, 14:42
Yeah all i know is the 24th won, the rifle (happy days)
there was a shoot off in the bap on saturday
dont know of bren or plates

28th April 2003, 14:59
while your points are valid that particular shoot was re-run. The GOC and his people stood in the space that had been cleared for the camera. A Sgt. who didn't realise who they were (not me) told them kindly to get the flock out of there! D'OH!

28th April 2003, 15:37
Thanks for all the gracious comments lads........would agree that the umpiring leaves a lot to be desired but a four run final is a an epic.

My heart sank after the 13th went 1 up but we clawed it back......the final run was unbelievable.Looking at the video is amazing.......the mixture of two lads who had never run falling plates before and 3 old codgers and one ex medic is not one I'd bet money on to win.....This makes me the first sailor in the defence forces to win a brigade falling plates medal....I'm going to see can I upload the video into the photo gallery for all to see.....

Now the bad news...I can't run on the saturday of the all army as its my sons communion day...but I'll be back on the sunday.I'll be very pleased if the honours overall come back to the southern brigade.The weather really played havoc with the rifle competition scores......thanks again to every body...looking forward to seeing you all at the end of next monthe ....Cmon the South!....C'mon the Cav

Bad driver boy
28th April 2003, 20:25
whats the date for the all army shoot in Kilworth?

28th April 2003, 20:50

29th April 2003, 12:35
The plates are on the sunday of the all-army hpt so you will be able to compete in it. It would be great to see the video of it some time alright. Come one the 13th and 3Cav maybe we could meet in the final of the all-army :-patriot: :-patriot: .

29th April 2003, 14:59
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00">No the Preliminary rounds are held on the Saturday (At least they always were before) only the Semi's and the Final are held on the Sunday after the Rifle competiton, The Plates excitement comes from the Fact that its the last competition and is usually watched and cheered on by everyone at the competition. I'm not sure they'd allow HPT to shoot on the Sunday but I suppose he could go down as a Sub and the real sub could "have a sore Ankle" or something on the Sunday??!!??


29th April 2003, 16:05
you know what they say.......if your not cheating your not trying!

iron arse
29th April 2003, 16:58
The whole point of having a sub is that you can use him. If HPT is better able to shoot that one of his teammates then he can/should replace him.
For example if Beckham is playing shite, will sir Alex leave him on? I donít think so, thatís why we have subs. It could never be called cheating, itís a tactical substitution.
(Im not a manu fan).

Goldie fish
29th April 2003, 17:17
Originally posted by posiedon

One of the most informative ,truthful posts I have seen here in ages..:-patriot:

30th April 2003, 15:54
the 3 cav team started on the saturday vs the MPC without me on the firing line.After the leg it was decided to replace a member of the team.I ran against the 14th and retained my place into the next day.

It is legal to insert a sub a fter a round without having to give an excuse.The chap I replace just wasn't hitting his plates and the captain made a descision.This chap wil retain his place on the team for the all army and will start on the saturday and sunday..if he chooses too.he won his place on the team through hard work and is entitled to be in the running.

a substitute cannot be inserted during the actual running of a given leg.If some body becomes a casualty during a run the team must complete that run without that person but may introduce their sub in the next phase.No question of cheating....just make sure that the rules are fully understood.

1st May 2003, 12:24
Got there before me HPT, I had just read that rule in the regulations last night.

2nd May 2003, 13:21
The cav won't meet the thirteenth unless it is in the final.The powers that be won't let the seeded favourites from each brigade knock each other out in the preliminaries....So thorpe the only way we can meet again is in the final...hopefully.

2nd May 2003, 14:03
I presume that unless it is drawn out of a hat that the winner of a command would shoot off against a second place in a command. If that is the case it is possible for any team to meet in the semi-finals.

2nd May 2003, 16:39
We`ll meet in the final HPT dont you worry about that, but this time we want the silver ware.
Go on the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flagwave: :flagwave: :flagwave:

iron arse
2nd May 2003, 17:49
Silver, isnít that what they give to second place (the first looser)

2nd May 2003, 21:47
I ment the winners trophy or plaque:D :D
we deserve to win some thing