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13th April 2003, 20:18
After looking through about three sites on the Irish Military that have an equipment section I soon realized the lack of Night Vision Gear. I don't know much about the DF as you can see, thats why I'm making this post. In the states almost every combat soldier has NVG.

A/N PVS-7b


So does the standard soldier get NVG gear? Are choppers casted into the night as well (do they have NVG too?)

13th April 2003, 21:48
In answer to your questions....Every PDF soldier is equipped with NVG whenever needed. The main problem is that the Irish military only has enough helicopters to transport 3 of the six airborne infantry divisions at one time. Most of the troops are transported around by the thousands of armoured personnel carriers that are manufactured up in Co. Cavan and I believe that they all have the night vision cameras and uplink capability that was developed by the FCA boffins back in the 90's when we were still providing weapons to the Rockall Liberation Front in their war against neighbouring Arranmore. Does anybody know if they intend to replace the G42 with a more mobile piece of equipment??

14th April 2003, 10:41
Shhhhhh. Remember, ex-soldier, loose lips sink ships.

14th April 2003, 18:48
Em we actually only have a small army of 8,500 peronnel isn't that right Ex-Soldier (!!!!!) ahahaha three airborne divisions, as if we had some massed secret army of clone soldiers what a jest....you saw nothing here

clean it again
14th April 2003, 19:20
Its not NVG that the yanks need, its ID cards to show friendly force tanks/APC etc Glasses pilots need also. Patriot missles should be known as fire at that target, but it may be one of ours, who cares i'm a yank.

14th April 2003, 19:33
Whatever you do guys, don't tell him about the underground air base in Galway !!!


14th April 2003, 20:03

14th April 2003, 20:30
This should be of help Luttman.

Thales night vision sights for Irish Defence Forces
12 March 2002
Thales Optics has been awarded two contracts to supply the Irish Defence Forces with the latest generation night vision equipment. The orders are worth in excess of £1 million.
The first order is for the Sophie thermal imager that will be used for a wide range of surveillance applications including hand held and platform roles. Sophie is a hand-held thermal imager that operates in the 8-2 micron waveband. The system is designed for target detection, reconnaissance and identification by viewing the scene observed, both by day and night under poor climatic conditions. Designed for ease of use and fast implementation, the imager can be used both as portable thermal binoculars as well as a thermal camera for integration into existing platforms.
Under the second contract, Thales' Lucie night vision goggles (NVG) along with a range of ancillaries, will be delivered for use primarily as a night driving aid. Lucie is a multi-purpose NVG, which can be supplied with a range of Image Intensified (II) tube options. Lucie offers x1 magnification and has a wide 50ø field of view and the option for fitting a x4 adapter lens.
In addition to Lucie a small quantity of Magalie lens systems were also included. Magalie is a x6 magnified lens, which will further increase the range performance of Lucie.
Rob Thompson, managing director of the Thales Optics site at St Asaph in North Wales, said of the announcement: "This significant contract demonstrates Thales' ability to operate a 'multi-domestic policy', ensuring that the right equipment can be provided from within Thales companies globally."

14th April 2003, 20:33
Silver I thought the undergound air base was in Abbeyshrule

14th April 2003, 20:38
There's also the Kite sight for weapons.

14th April 2003, 20:44
Let me ask some serious question here:

1. Why do we have the two longest runways in Europe located within 50 miles of each other and right near the west coast facing the USA in one direction and Russia in the other, with no real air traffic to use them?? Chicago O'Hare has a longest runway of 13,000 feet at the busiest airport in the world while Knock has 18,000 feet of runway at the quietest airport in the world.

2. Looking at a map I can see a strange sight.....Namely Finner, Knock Shannon and Tralee.......Tell me we don't have plans to rule the world with helicopter forces from Finner and Tralee supporting planes from Knock and Shannon.

3. As Christy Moore say's " Did NATO donate the dough me boys, did NATO donate the dough 18,000 feet of runway is an awful long way to go"

In the dictionary under the word "Ireland" it should read......"see land-based aircraft carrier"

14th April 2003, 20:58
Ex-soldier thanks to second part of your post G.W. Bush probale Knows are top secret plan to take over the world.

14th April 2003, 22:10
SHhhhhhhhhhhhh....abbeyshrule is the overground INVISIBLE airbase, galway is the underground one, I didn't say any of this

14th April 2003, 22:15
Don't forget the secret submarine base down at the North Wall in Dublin Port & Docks, right beside the old B & I Terminal..... state of the art.....whoops!,....I think I said too much......

14th April 2003, 23:27
The only thing we have in dublin port is a reserch comple.. whoops i mean power station:D :D :D :D

Goldie fish
14th April 2003, 23:59
How many times do you have to be told..It is a baby milk factory..nothing to do with WMD at all!

15th April 2003, 01:27
sledger- Thanks

15th April 2003, 10:56
Cut the bullshit.....The reason that the Irish Army does not have night vision equipment is simple.....
"The sun never sets on the British Empire" and we are caught up in the bright glow that it gives off so therefore we don't need NVG.

15th April 2003, 16:11
That bright light is not the british empire ,its Sellerfield

15th April 2003, 16:55
May be wrong but my AIRAC data shows Madrid Barajas at 14272 ft the longest around in Western Europe. YES ITS A TRIVIAL FACT !

15th April 2003, 17:04
I'm sure I saw the latest stats somewhere recently and Chicago O'Hare was back in the No.1 spot. Though whether it is passengers or flight operations I don't know. O'hare does as much cargo operations as passenger flights so this may skew the figures.

15th April 2003, 17:28
Here's the speil from the Thales website:

Sophie Low-weight and Multi-application
binoculars / thermal imager: http://homepage.eircom.net/~fiachramolloy/sophie_large.jpg

brochure (http://www.thalesgroup-optronics.com/pdf/sophie%20English.pdf)

15th April 2003, 17:39
And more,

Here's the Lucie NVG: http://homepage.eircom.net/~fiachramolloy/lucie.jpg
Brochure (http://www.thalesgroup-optronics.com/pdf/lucie.pdf)

Here's the Kite sight: http://homepage.eircom.net/~fiachramolloy/kite.gif
Brochure (http://www.thalesgroup-optronics.com/pdf/Kite.pdf)

15th April 2003, 18:57
<FONT FACE="TAHOMA" COLOR="#99CC00">hMM Somebody better tell them we want them in Green!! Big Black Scopes might stand out a bit!! (when not being used at night)


15th April 2003, 19:18
FMolloy,Any idea on Unit Costs ?

15th April 2003, 19:45
There's no info about costs on the Thales website, but there's a guy in the UK that'll sell you a new Kite sight for Stg£4,399.00.

15th April 2003, 20:50
Luttman, your question has somehow been lost as the post developed. I think you are referring to helmet mounted NVG. The ones in the above photo would be a bit top heavy.

To answer your question, only the specialist ARW possesses such equipment. They are a very small unit within the Irish Defence Forces. They Probably use Gen II.

15th April 2003, 21:04

Have you used any of the stuff mentioned above? If you haven't then there's no point in saying the gear is top-heavy. The Lucile goggles look compact enough, check out the brochure. Also, the Thales press release printed posted above mentioned the goggles were being procured for drivers, not the ARW. If you look at the pics of the ARW using NVGs you'll see the goggles in use look nothing like the Lucile model.

16th April 2003, 22:31
F Molloy, The photos I refer to are images on a previous post of hand held equipment. Luttman is talking about the helmet mounted versions as worn and seen on the helmets of US troops in Iraq.


16th April 2003, 22:50
What's the Lucile if it's not a set of goggles? They're not helmet mounted like the US ones, but they do the same thing. So if the Thales press release is telling the truth then the Irish Army is indeed procuring night vision goggles for the troops, along with thermal binos and weapons sights.

Gunner Al
17th April 2003, 19:49
thermal weapons sight??

i wonder how much they weigh.
the night vision sights for the steyr are heavy enough, but ya get used to them!!

17th April 2003, 19:59
It's not a weapons sight, it's a handheld sight. According to the brochure the weight of the thermal sight is 2.4kg.

Gunner Al
17th April 2003, 20:02
that's pretty light. sorry, i thougt you said it was a weapons sight.