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Brian McGrath
27th November 2005, 16:11
Hi Guys

I have added a few nice photos of the Roisin in Galway last week taken at night, they are on page 2 of the Navy Section on www.galwayships.com

If any one has any info on how to take good night time shots I would like to hear from you, I use a Fuji Finepix S5000 Camera.


27th November 2005, 16:21
I think the shots are excellent, well done.

The key to night time photography, is using a tripod or other steady surface, and a cable release or timer, to minimize camera shake.

Brian McGrath
27th November 2005, 16:28
Thanks Pym

I actually took them on a timer while holding down the camera onto the window top of the car door. I took another one of an oil tanker the same night its on the last page of the Tanker section.


27th November 2005, 22:10
much props on the photomundos.
they are rather exquisite

Goldie fish
27th November 2005, 22:23
My advice when taking photos at night is to always use a tripod, or solid surface to mount the camera. Using the timer to take the photo does away with the frequent twitch of the camera as the shutter is operated.
I took these with a samsung Digimax 430.


Brian McGrath
28th November 2005, 21:21
Thanks Goldie Fish for the info its much appreciated