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29th April 2003, 11:45
I recently finished my PNCO course and at the end of the 24 tactical excercise we did a 7 mile route march with CEFO and rifles. One of the PDF corporals running the course told us that this is standard for the PDF and we were the first course to do it immediately after an excercise.

I was just wondering if anyone else did anything like that on their course?

Frank Aiken
29th April 2003, 13:59
I think that the PDF stay out a bit longer than 24Hours? I was often told that a route march with a finish line at the end is not much use, there should be a attach put in at the end, this will realy show level of fitness.
What PNCOs course is just finished? funny time of the year to finish?

29th April 2003, 14:08
My Standard Course after a 72 was a 5 miler w/CEMO and Bren.

It was hard to sing the happy song after but we did !

29th April 2003, 14:33
I meant the route march was what the PDF do after being on the ground, not the amount of time out on the ground.

We did the route march out of camp through a nearby town and then looped round through backroads to the edge of another town and back into camp. A few hours Before this we did a Platoon attack and then moved up a steep f*cker of a hill at the back of the camp.

I think it was more to determine a level of morale, enthusiasm and determination as opposed to fitness as there was too much of a mix of people with different fitness levels and it isnt possible to get them all the same within 2 weeks. We still managed to sing a few songs though! The only hard part of the route march was sore feet from the uncomfortable boots and the socks burning the soles of your feet.

The PNCO's course was for the Western Bde. I think there is another batch for the west in the summer.

It was even more satisfying to complete it after hearing that some PDF in the camp were saying we would never do it and half of us would come back on the minibus.

29th April 2003, 14:53
I can recall a route march completing the 24hr exercise on the PNCO's course I did. Before I get attacked from all corners - I was prevented from taking part in the exercise due to medical reasons. I promised that medic anything if he'd let me go - but he wouldn't :(

FCA Trooper
29th April 2003, 18:01
ICUN,did ye use the PLCE webbin,or the 58 pattern?

29th April 2003, 18:09
58 pattern unfortunately, I got a good enough set of it though so it wasn't too bad

29th April 2003, 18:36
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00">I did my course with 58 pattern (As i suppose most people have, The thing is it was my own personal issue that I had since I was a recruit so I was well used to wearing it and had it adjusted properly to fit me, other people got issued their Webbing the Thursday night before the course and were in bits because of it!


29th April 2003, 18:40
This Years eastern pots all have P.L.C.E. i wouldnt do it in 58.....

29th April 2003, 18:57
Did, perhaps, this thread get edited this afternoon while I wasn't watching ?

29th April 2003, 19:22
yup it certainly did....me and earhart were having an auld chin wag about our own pots course and all our posts got wiped....wouldnt mind but we didnt exactly give away any government secrets..........

29th April 2003, 19:24
It wasn't anything to do about security,
have a look at the rules , Off Topic & Chat posts will be deleted.

29th April 2003, 19:52
congrats on the course ICUN, you looked b##xed on friday. well so did all of youse! there is a photo of a section of youse in the paper in the area today. Bastards had the cheek to call youse LDF!

California Tanker
29th April 2003, 20:41
For comparison, in Basic in the US, we have a 12-mile march out, 72 hours on the ground, and a 15-miler home. My god, but my feet were murdering me for three days afterwards...

At the end of OCS, I did a 30km haul in 4:28... And I'm never doing it again if I can help it.


29th April 2003, 21:07
Congrats in completing the course ICUN.
Last years Southern Brigade PNCO`s Course has PLCE.

FCA Trooper
29th April 2003, 23:37
well feck it anyway about the webbin. im going on the western summer course myself. think if i invested in a set of PLCE id be allowed use it? cant stand 58. its designed for FN mags,stuff falls out of it.

30th April 2003, 09:46
Thanks for the congratulations!

Inf Boy....was that in the Donegal Democrat? I am in Dub now and cant get it, if you get a chance could you scan it and send it to me? I dunno where they got LDF from, my granda was in the LDF in WW2! Maybe they got confused because of our wbbing!

We were all fairly tired at the end of the course....partially from the tactics and partially from the session on the last night!

Regarding webbing, I have PLCE webbing but you aren't allowed to use it, everyone has to have the same.

I think its a bit annoying that the Eastern Bde had PLCE and the Western didn't. it isn't really that big a deal but it should be the same for all of them. There were 45 or so on the course so I am sure they could have gopt us proper webbing that was designed at elast when we were born!

now, if you thought 58 pattern webbing was bad, dont get me started on the piss pot helmets they issued! (which we werent allowed to wear!)

30th April 2003, 10:57
it was in the donegal peoples press its black and white but il try and get it sent later.

30th April 2003, 11:09

FCA Trooper
30th April 2003, 17:13
yeah,i know those helmets. have worn them down in the butts on the range a couple of times. apparently,they're from the old east german army...!

Goldie fish
1st May 2003, 00:25
On my pots course in 2001 a number of participants turned up with the steel helmet. They were directed by those running the course to the nearest skip and assured that their PDF cadre would not miss them if they failed to return them. I believe they were supposed to have been withdrawn from use as they are a H&S risk,ie they do more damage than if you were not wearing them at all.

1st May 2003, 11:11
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00">We all signed one of our piss pots and gave it to the PDF instructors on our course.