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13th January 2003, 14:49
I turned on the TV on Friday night and was channel hoping when I stopped on RTE, The “Late Late Show” to be precise.
There was an animated argument going on about the US stopping over in Shannon.
A point was made by one of the Tree Huggers that the Turkish Army is mobilising on the Northern Iraqi Boarder ready to strike south. Not to assist the Allied coalition but to occupy the Kurdish Northern area of Iraq, with an aim to subdue the Kurds, least they might spark war in Turkey in their quest for an independent Kurdish state.
Can anyone confirm this?? I had a look around and could not find any proof to substantiate this.

It seems to me that History is repeating itself, was it not a policy of alliances that dragged Europe into the First World War and subsequently the Second World War??
Now it’s the Allies Vs. Saddam and "the axis of evil" and if this "rumour" about Turkey is true, it could spark Civil War there. Compounded by Arab Hostility towards Israel and the trouble heating up in Korea, it’s looking pretty dodgy!!!

13th January 2003, 15:04
I don't think so, the Turks are on their best behavour cos they want to join the EU (god I hope that never happens).
And the bad guys know that to go up against the west, is to get clobbered by the west. The rouge states do not want an open conflict, as the only thing preserving them is the fact that they have not "directly" assaulted the West. Should they strike at the West for any reason, then the west really will beat them to a pulp.
Lets fact facts, their greatest ally is the fact that the west is so liberal and peaceful.
And while it may sometimes be a handicap in war to be liberal, it makes peace all the worth while and worth defending.

No, I have to disagree on the possibility of a new World War.

13th January 2003, 19:24
It's not quite a disaster. I booked my holidays in Lanzarote this year. :D