View Full Version : The S-61 on lease to the Air Corps has been delivered

13th January 2003, 14:38
Hi Guys,

Just after finding out that the Sikorsky S61 on lease to the Air Corps for SAR duties in Sligo is currently in Baldonnel for crew training.


13th January 2003, 15:34
The FAS website has an advertisment for a Winchman with the civvie contractor in the SAR role, €42,000 a year! Are the AC personnel paid this much??

Whiskey Section
13th January 2003, 18:40
Anyone know what colour is this s-61-red and white I presume? Does It have a military reg as previous leased craft with the IAC did e.g. puma (242), gulfstream III (249).


Goldie fish
14th January 2003, 00:41
EI-CNL is its current reg,painted in typical Coastguard Livery of red and white..but why change that really..It will be getting a tricolour roundel and an AC rec as soon as it gets a wash..The AC guys on the other boards say its manky. Saw it myself in shannon last week and it is a bit on the sooty side.
The word from other pilots is that they need 150 Hours on type before they get to keep it,and they already pranged it once. So far they have accumulated 50 hours in 8 months.

11th February 2003, 19:01
Any updates on the S-61 ?

Has it been "scrubbed up" yet ?