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22nd May 2003, 13:16
This is a topic that may have been done to death in the past,but as a newby here,Ill bring it up again.
Should the Naval service give up the whole notion of being a Naval force?
All the duties currently preformed are that of a coastguard,the only difference being the colour of the ships,which are largely inadequate for a proper naval role,considering the armament,the quantity and the area they are expected to defend. Better off admitting the truth and leaving Naval operations to somebody who Knows how,like the RN or the FFrench.
Meanwhile the boats that work with the NS,operated by civilian DF personell,should they be taken under full control of this NS/Coastguard?
Some are passenger ferries,for carrying personell to the island,more are small tugs or ropeboats to assist when Mooring. Most are 1950s vintage,very shabby,and operated for the most part by crew approaching retirment.
Its time to tidy up the act down there.

22nd May 2003, 13:36
We have a Naval Service not a navy. And what difference would a name change and a new coat of paint make anyway? I doubt it would mean an increase in funding & government support, which is what the NS needs.

22nd May 2003, 14:46
I think it's necessary for all nations with a saeboard to have a Navy/Naval Service even if it is only a token force.

22nd May 2003, 22:54
Right then,what about The slua muira. Could they not be reassigned with the current coastguard to provide some sort of coastwatching facility? As far as I see it,apart from filling the gaps in the NS they have no current Naval role.
A coastguard could just as easily carry out the duties as a "naval service".
While they are at the bottom of the pile in the df when it comes to funding,if they were a single organisation within the dept of justice,marine or whatever,maybe they gould get a better deal. Looking at the fine reasearch ship that recently was commissioned in galway..Celtic explorer or something..it can be done given a dedicated department..

23rd May 2003, 13:28
What exactly would you have the SM do? There's not a whole lot of them & we have a long coastline.

I doubt very much that giving the Dept. of Marine or whoever responsibility for the NS would result in more funding. The Dept. of Finance has the final say, if they didn't think it neccessary to fund the NS what makes you think they'd fund the coastguard?

23rd May 2003, 14:34
I was hoping other people could have a few suggestions as to what they should be doing. I believe they are too small and too centralised in the major harbours. Perhaps there should be smaller units in the small ports around the country? How many small harbours have fishermen and those with experience of yachting and boating just looking for an excuse to get into a boat?

Dont be so quich to close your minds people. Go around the coast and see how many people have a powerboat qualification,how many are yachtmasters? Are these skills that the NSR can afford to ignore?
Remember dunkirk and the "little ships"...one never knows when these people will come in handy..

23rd May 2003, 14:40
The NS started off as a "maritime inscription" which basically did harbour guards and the like.
The Govt once tried to sit the ARW out in RIBs "searching" for drug smugglers etc unsurprisingly this ridiculous idea was dropped, the NSR is currently most needed to make up for the manpower shortages of teh NS, and should be trained and structured accordingly.

23rd May 2003, 15:16
Would such people join the SM/NSR? In a lot of coastal communitites the NS is not exactly welcome. Would people put on the NSR uniform, start boarding boats etc. knowing what their neighbours think of them?

23rd May 2003, 15:18
Why do people join the FCA?

23rd May 2003, 15:33
That's different, the PDF do not generally have dealings with the general public and so are not resented by the vast majority of them, so this carries over to the FCA.

In coastal communites, where fishing is the main source of income, there is a certain amount of resentment and/or distrust for the NS. The NS will pull anyone for breaking the fishing rules, so they pull Irish vessels as well. The fishermen resent this as they see the foreign factory ships robbing them blind. So, they don't exactly welcome the NS with open arms (My great uncle was in the NS & talked about having to carry batons in certain ports for self protection).

To expect people from those communities to put on an NS uniform & perform similar duties is a bit pie in the sky.

Goldie fish
24th May 2003, 01:11
I saw a sign on a car today that read "stop the rot,Stop Irish Navy Bully Boys"
Anyone know what that is all about?

26th May 2003, 13:56
this is getting worse than the television for repeats.....would somebody please come up with an original thread most of the current ones are already fogged to death......Posts from january are still being used

Goldie fish
26th May 2003, 18:52
Right Murf..Off you go then..Feel free..
We havent all been addicted to this board since the beginning and before..You havent come up with many new topics recently..

26th May 2003, 22:19
Excuse me but my time has been some what tied up trying to be the first navy blok to win an all army falling plates medal...which I did...also to hold a southern brigade plates medal....would some body show the the Slua how to shoot and how wear a beret...who was the bint with the hickey on sunday...often seen a 20mm round to do less damage.......

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Is the above enough?

Goldie fish
27th May 2003, 01:55
Put your claws back and step away from the Handbag PLEASE :)

Note ... The event in question was not a murder..The individual was convicted of Manslaughter.

28th May 2003, 21:33
Okay slip of the tongue.......he got off lightly.jaysus Goldie it must be nearly time to run another quiz.
Does any body have any word on the Deirdre after she left the navy....

Goldie fish
28th May 2003, 21:44
Last heard she was in some Polish dockyard under the name Tosca IV..will be unrecognisable when she is complete it appears. At least she wont be scrapped..