View Full Version : Second hand?

25th May 2003, 20:10
Given the amount of surplus naval vessels lying about,and the history in the NS of the past to buy second hand ships(Corvettes,minesweepers,peacocks,setanta)and mention of the aussie amphib ship in another thread
What ships recently retired or currently in reserve worldwide would be suitable for our purposes? I recon the Yanks owe us a favour after our taking it up the ass for them in shannon.

26th May 2003, 13:48
they were all bought out of nessecity as no body inthis country had a clue what was required for the envisaged role.The NS has started in the right direction by designing its own specialist vessels and long may it continue.Second hand vessels have to be adapted for the current roles of the NS and this often takes a s long and as expensive as building new ships .We've tried that road ....it dosen't work.