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14th January 2003, 19:03
People here seem to be very knowledgable on all matters military.

I need to find out as much as I can about the ARW.

- How tough is it to get in?
- How good are they?
- How do they recruit?
- Who can apply?
- What exactly are they trained to do!? (HALO, diving...etc) Depth of skill, really I guess.....

Hoping ye can help me out. Any answers or direction to where I may find answers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you,


14th January 2003, 19:32
i dont know too much about the ARW as a whole, but i know that they recruit from inside the army, they run selection courses every year. they do skydiving, advanced weapons training and all the rest..

14th January 2003, 21:01
Watch out for the next time the ARW roadshow hits your barracks. Most of their kit is on display and a ranger talks you through each stand ie "Black ops", Diving etc. Of course its all geared towards potential applicants from the PDF but should answer your questions.

15th January 2003, 14:38
Take a look at this address, it will answer some questions:
Army Ranger Wing (http://www.military.ie/army/arw.htm)

The Fonz
20th January 2003, 01:42
Ok at the moment the WING train for 2 types of warfare theres the "Green Role" which is a origanl commando type way doing Direct Action,long range recce,sabotage, rescueing of downed pilots and P.O.W.s from behind enemy lines and countless more types of simalar missions. Then theres "Black Role" which is Counter-Terrorism and Hostage Rescue, in this role they could be rescueing a number of civvies from armed bad guys in a bus,train,building or aircraft of some kind. Also in the black role they perform close protection to V.I.P's also another mission is F.I.D or Foregin Internal Defence in which the Ranger Wing will go over to a host country and train there police or military CT/HR unit. Selection is tough i have personally talked to 1 or 2 current serving member of the unit and afew Ex-member and they all told me its tough as hell and they they said to me if ya think your tough and fit just before selection your probabaly not. it takes a lot to get a person through it takes alot of mentel and psyhical strenght. The Army Ranger Wing is opened to both men and women and the 3 branches of the Defences Forces. As for the Unit being good they are highly regarded as an exellent unit by alot of the top Spec Ops units in the world. They currently cross-train with the US Navy SEALs and the US armys elite Delta Force also Hollands BBE, German GSG-9 and KSK, Frenchs GIGN and the New Zeland and Austrailan SAS its also beleaved that they train with the British SAS and SBS, well i'm knackerd after typing this up so i'm stopping give us a shout if theres anything else you want to know ok. :)

29th February 2004, 13:58
One thing I want to know is do Officers do the Selection course or do they just rotate in for a spell like the SASR and feck off to some cushy job after that....

mutter nutter
1st March 2004, 04:29
They've recently changed selection from the SAS cooper test to the JTF-2 cooper test and I beleive selection is now run twice a year

1st March 2004, 17:09

The Selection Course is held annually by the ARW for potential new Unit members. It is open to serving members of the Defence Forces only

:rolleyes: this is from the military.ie website.

Does this mean its open to members of the RDF?? who are de facto serving members are they not?


mutter nutter
1st March 2004, 17:18
No it's not, you must be PDF

1st March 2004, 21:29
minimum 3*

4th March 2004, 16:47
check this thread out... (http://www.irishmilitaryonline.com/board/showthread.php?s=&postid=5870#post5870)

Maybe we should get our TDs to ask?!?

A Green TD [MOD: Edited to avoid libel] lives across the road from me, i must drop in for that cup of herbal tea and a guided tour of his nuclear bunker that hes been offering me....


8th March 2004, 23:32
Me is now very confused ....

anyway back to topic the ARW were in an international competition there a while ago and came ... thing it was .... 4th

Very good considering the size, support, money, facilities, etc other SF units enjoy

The Joker
9th March 2004, 00:02
Actually I am almost positive that it was third...even better!!!

12th March 2004, 17:53
There have been a number of articles on the ARW selection courses in An Cosantoir, including some first hand accounts from participants. These should give you some insight into the nature and content of the course.

26th March 2004, 15:43
[MOD: Merge]

This came up in a very drunken discussion about the army in general at about 0530 this morning. Me and a mate were chattin the usual crap about the army and we couldnt figure out if the rangers have ever had to use their force. We know about the rescue in Liberia. In the skills test thingy they do with other units (SAS, Seals etc) they score highly i think, but have they ever had to put all these skills into use? apologies if that didnt make much sense, most of last nights drink is still in the system:D

clean it again
26th March 2004, 15:59
No. they have had no operational work in ireland, gardai do that.

26th March 2004, 17:03
They might have had to use force in East Timor but we wouldn't hear about it officially

26th March 2004, 18:13
....I see black helicopters....

the army doesen't like to talk about what goes on overseas (apart from the ladida recruitment shows) period.

26th March 2004, 20:21
I know for a fact that they have(overseas) But i am saying nothing else


27th March 2004, 13:27
Apologies forgot that thread was open before. TBH i cant remember being on the board yest, ah those thursday nights just keep on goin. Cheers

27th March 2004, 18:07
Of course they've used force and if you happen to be mates with/related to etc someone in the army who was overseas you'll hear the stories fairly openly, its just a rule of thumb not to put it down on paper (or on a web server).

mutter nutter
27th March 2004, 19:22
I never thought I'd say this but maybe we souldn't be talking about this

27th March 2004, 19:43
Indeed. End of discussion.