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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
    Apologies if this is the wrong thread/forum: HMS Severn in Belfast Monday 19th June 2017.
    Royal Navy University Squadron, 3 vessels, HMS Biter , HMS Persuer, and HMS Charger visited Ireland recently -Dublin-Waterford and Haulbowline. They called to see Commodore and interacted with Naval personnel. they had a Commander i/c, a Lieut-Commander, and 3 Lieuts. They were berthed on the yacht lay bye area.

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    Not a Naval Visit, but I see Charles and Herself are going to be visiting the base and touring one of the ships tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparky42 View Post
    Not a Naval Visit, but I see Charles and Herself are going to be visiting the base and touring one of the ships tomorrow.
    No doubt following the footsteps of his ancestors, The Prince and Princess of Wales (Later King Edward VII, whom Camilla's great grandmother may have had an affair with, and Queen Alexandra after whom the quay and steps to the north of the Stone Blocks are named.) and Prince Albert Victor of Wales (Possibly Jack the Ripper) who visited there on the 15th April 1885.

    King George V also visited Haulbowline and the Magazine fort on Rocky Island, during his tour of the realm following his coronation. He was widely welcomed throughout Ireland, in 1913.
    There is an interesting story told of the new kings visit to the Magazine fort which is now the Island Crematoreum.
    Because black powder was stored there, and risk of explosion was high everyone who visited had to wear wooden clogs, regardless of rank. George was there accompanied by Kitchener himself...
    Kitchener barked at the attendant at the magazine to open the door to the visiting royals. The attendant indicated the rack of clogs , and Kitchener extended the leg to the attendant to assist removing his riding boot. The attendant ignored him and the Ballylongford earl struggled to complete the shodding himself.
    Kitchener continued with the royal party but the attendant blocked their way, insisting that everyone don the clogs. Including the new king. Kitchener protested that such rules did not apply to royalty but the king was having none of it, and duly extended the royal leg in Kitcheners direction to seek assistance removing the royal boot.
    And that is how an Irishman by the name of William Smith was the only irishman to make the king of England take off his boots.
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