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The organic decision/requirement within the NS is for a ship described as an MRV , on dimensions 130 meters x 20 meters x 5.2 meters, with helicopter deck facility. Helicopter decks, big enough, can land any size of helicopter compatible with those dimensions, provided the deck is also strong enough for a collapsed undercarriage landing. Any in service use of Helos, must be by the NS itself, after the P31 experience. Crewing is down to manning the ships Equipments especially in a man all stations situation. Automation of Defence CIWS systems is a help but in certain situations where stand to lasts beyond a rotation of watches," spares " may be needed to meet operational demands.
HMS Forth OPV with an any console surveillance/FCS is heading to the Falklands. Has a 60 crew allocation with 36 on board at any one time. Can transport 50 troops has a range of weaponry mainly 30mm Auto plus two 7.62 134 mini guns plus 12.7mm's and lower caliber automatics. It seems she has a Commander in Command and puts the OPV fleet potentially at Nine, matching ourselves.