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    Government policy is to replace the CPVs with similar vessels with counter-mine capability. I very much doubt that will be a 2nd and 3rd MRV. I also doubt it will be a specialist MCMV.

    It should be a CPV (not an OPV tasked to do CPV work).

    We are probably agreed that the most efficient way to do that is with a modular containerised system with a combination of diving and UUVs. For diving you need space for the LARS system and work area (let’s say equivalent to a TEU) and 2/3 TEUs (the 3rd container isn’t always used) - note that would include the current (not specialist counter mine) diving Equipment.

    Could an OPV do the counter mine work as a CPV, quite possibly but they would possibly need to have more space aft.

    There was a contract for counter-mine diving equipment.
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