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Thread: Stinger

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    i know we have Stingers, but in all my time in the British Army i've never seen a Stinger but we do regularly deploy in training and on operations with the HVM, even on exercise the RA guys will always be found on the high-ground around the battalion providing top cover whilst Rapier would be seen in the more important AOR's containing other key installations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoneToTheCanner View Post
    The Israelis regarded Lebanese airspace as theirs, in effect, and demanded that the UN always notify/ask permission for their Hueys to fly and the Israelis were not above denying UN flights under threat of shootdown. As far as I know, they even destroyed some of the Hueys on the ground. Which is why, the UN personnel always operated under the permanent threat of Israeli air attack.
    A reason to deploy with at least a token AA capability, I would have thought? (not that I am expert on international diplomacy in relation to UN missions, I hasten to add).
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    Holy thread resurrection

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