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Thread: Unifil(3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by apod View Post
    Potential for conflict there big time.UNIFIL troops ,up to BN Comd's have been attacked,when entering,or trying to enter,Hezbollah controlled villages in the last couple of years.
    This x1000 and it's not going to get the attention required at home until it all goes tits up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pym View Post
    This x1000 and it's not going to get the attention required at home until it all goes tits up.
    It's ludicrous to expect lightly armed and armoured troops to go up against Hezbollah who are armed with the best that Iran can supply. I've seen nothing in the media about any Government reaction to this " new " mandate . I suppose because it doesn't name Ireland and the Irish specifically in the way that the original outburst fro Ambassador Haley did.

    This just posted by the Irish Times:-

    The United Nations’ peacekeeping mandate in southern Lebanon, in which Ireland is heavily involved, has been renewed and strengthened but only after further personalised attacks by the Trump administration on the Irish head of Unifil, Major-General Mike Beary.

    The renewed mandate asks UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres to examine whether Unifil can increase its visible presence, including through patrols and inspections, both of which it already does.

    On Wednesday night during the Security Council debate about the mandate renewal, Mr Haley returned to the fray, claiming the “clouds of war” were gathering in south Lebanon and once again attacking Maj-Gen Beary.
    “We have to be honest,” she told the Security Council. “For too long, Unifil’s leadership has failed to make sure this goal is realised. In particular, Unifil commander General Beary’s lack of understanding of the threat Hizbullah poses to the region is baffling.”

    Senior colleagues of Maj-Gen Beary also spoke out in his defence, noting he had an extensive track record, both at senior rank within the Defence Forces and the UN, including senior positions within Unifil prior to his assuming command, and was a graduate of the National Defence University in Washington DC.
    “He’s the real deal as far as we’re concerned,” said one colleague, “and he’s very well regarded, in Ireland and abroad.”
    From what i've been told privately there's a touch of the old " whatever you say say nothing " about all this , for in reality what could a UNIFIL patrol actually do except complain/ protest if they did see bunkers being prepared and loaded ?
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    UNIFIL's mandate was extended with no changes to it.

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