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Thread: L.E. Deirdre

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    Roger that, my mistake!

    no probs, I often incur the wrath of others due to my persistent quizing or sarcastic commentary, even I lose touch with me!
    Time for another break I think......

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    you already know too much
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    get a room you two :-)

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.

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    Final story on L.E. Deirdre - SCRAPPED!

    Hello, In July and August of 2014, the motor yacht SANTA RITA (formerly your warship L.E. Deirdre) was towed up the St. Johns River in North Florida to Green Cove Springs, where she was scrapped. My husband Petur was working nearby on our sailing ketch. We took a look at the sad ship. Her wheel house had been plucked at by a demolition machine, wires and glass and steel twisted in a hideous snarl... And then Petur caught wind of the fact that there was South American hardwood inside the ship. Petur being a rabid scavenger, and the scrappers being interested in METALS ONLY, Petur got permission to work after-hours at removing the teak and other fine woods.

    Petur lost 10 pounds in sweat during these weeks! He took his reciprocating saw to the teak flooring, jacking up 9x9 ft sections. He removed two round plexiglass windows, two murphy-beds, and many many sections of nice hardwood paneling and cabinetry. Meanwhile I researched the vessel's history, which is how I found this forum, and I learned (facts not guaranteed) about the poor British millionaire who planned to use the ship as a private residence for tax-avoidance purposes but sadly met an early death by helicopter crash. Then the ship was purchased by a poor Brazilian millionaire who must have had more money than sense - he ended up letting boat go over a lawsuit with a shipyard, BAE, in Jacksonville, FL, and although I searched for more info about this I never learned more than speculation that work done on computerized safety systems had failed inspections.

    Reference the computerized system, sandwiched between decks and ceilings were an amazing snarl of wiring, piping, ducting, conduit and spaghetti. Apparently the plan was to have fire systems, lighting, heat and air, water, doors, alarms, intercom, you name it, all wired into one grand master computer. The electrical boxes and rooms for the electrical boxes were extensive. SMASH, CRUSH. Into the scrap dumpster!

    So much for the yoga room with jacuzzi, the staterooms with elegant paneling, the sauna with round windows. I cannot imagine why these millionaires spent so much to convert this ship. She met the fate of good ships, recycled: engines, winches, cranes and other large machinery removed and sold, iron scrap away to the recycling plant, and teak wood into my old man's next carpentry project. I hope you enjoyed learning about this and I will try to post photos here. If the photos don't go, let me know. Thank you, Rhea

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