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    March 2018 Military History magazine (US) has a page about Jadotville under their "What we learned from..." series. It's behind a paywall, but the first bit is a very brief summary of both the background and the action, which everyone here would know in a lot more detail.

    The Lessons bit is worth quoting, though:

    Accurate intelligence is crucial
    Poor Intel led to a breakdown in UN planning, resulting in Company A's placement in an untenable position.

    Overconfidence breeds failure
    Boasting better weaponry and numerical superiority, the Katangese sensed an easy victory. They miscalculated the resolve of the Irish peacekeepers.

    Plan for the worst
    Had UN commanders anticipated the worst-case scenario, Company A would have had adequate air and ground support.

    Learn from your mistakes
    The Congo Crisis was the UN's first peacekeeping mission with a significant military component. It served as a training ground for subsequent operations, though UN forces again experienced setbacks in Rwanda in 1994 and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995.
    Link at but there is a paywall.
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