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Ultimately it comes down to what you want to achieve and of course budget. Thales offer a range of radars as do Raytheon and other well known western brands.

For optimum coverage I would argue for one radar in the NW and the SW providing significant coverage of the western, northern and south western coasts. Lets be honest, the British ans French have the rest covered and the chances of someone straying into their FIR uninvited is slim. A system with a ceiling of about 70,000-80,000 feet should be sufficient and a range of 300-400km. Anything purchased should be fully be NATO standard, should we ever grow a pair and join.

I'm not an expert in radar, I don't claim to be so if you can pick holes in my logic or make suggestions or criticisms then please feel free.
Trust me, I'm no expert either but would go along with the above - it depends what the State wants to do.

If it wants to start developing a fairly complete picture, long range search radars in the NW and SW, make perfect sense to me.

And that's probably the simplest/cheapest part of the equation - any way I look at it, developing a more credible air defence system would be very expensive, at least in the context of typical Irish defense spending.

I cant see the DF operating anything in the class of CAMM or NASAMs anytime in the next decade or even beyond.