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Thread: Soldier 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by apod View Post
    Yeah.I believe they are in stores down south also but not being issued out until the DPM ones are all gone.

    Wont issue it until enough people have been issued an item of clothing that is absolutely shite.

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    Have a look in OCES (I think it's called). Pallets of clothing that there are shortages of in the formations because there is no record of them being demanded (but there being none stock weren't issued). Hopefully the e-245B will aid that.

    There's quite a good chance that the "new" shirt you get from stores is from the previous contract and has been on a pallet in OCES for at least a year

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    I was issued two "new" shirts recently.
    2012 was the year of manufacture.
    The modern Irish soldier is better educated,trained and equipped then any any other generation that has gone before.

    "Let us be clear about three facts:First of all.All battles and all wars are won in the end by the Infantryman.Secondly the Infantryman bears the brunt of the fighting,his casualties are heavier and he suffers greater extremes of fatigue and discomfort than the other arms.Thirdly,the art of the Infantryman is less stereotyped and harder to acquire than that of any other arm".
    -- Field Marshall Earl Wavell.1948

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