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Thread: Soldier 2017

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    Speaking to a neighbour who is Preparing for overseas, and he has been told they will be issued brown Haix next week.

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    UNDOF yeah?

    DFCC were due to make a recommendation before Christmas IOT allow issue for UNDOF in March and UNIFIL in April. The question remains as to if they will continue to be worn on return home.
    Mali have been using the Haix Nepal(French army CCE boot) for the last rotation.These replaced the Haix "Desert Combat High liability" UK issue that have been on issue the last few years.
    The Nepals are a higher leg version of the Haix scout which has been on trial here.

    On a side note the new style UBACS has started to be issued to non overseas units.
    Anybody had a look at the draft new L3?? Be interesting to see the changes especially for the RDF.
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