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    American Stryker Armored Fighting Vehicles Appear Near Syrian Hotspot

    Images appearing on social media today show American Stryker armored fighting vehicles in northern Syria. Deployment of these vehicles signal a large shift in force posture for US special operations forces operating alongside Kurdish and other anti-ISIS allies under the banner of Syrian Democratic Forces.

    #US Army Stryker armored vehicle reportedly heading to #Manbij, #Syria.
    — Raphael Babikian (@RafaelBabikian) March 4, 2017
    Some more photos of #US Army Striker armored vehicles reported to be in/on their way to #Syria's #Manbij.
    — Raphael Babikian (@RafaelBabikian) March 4, 2017
    In the past, US special operations teams have been seen operating in technicals, lightly armored cars, and Humvees—not in high-tech, heavily armored fighting vehicles. Not just that, but some of the Strykers in these images appear to be unique to the US Army's special operations community. 16 Strykers were ported over to the 75th Range Regiment over a decade ago and were outfitted for their use; these vehicles saw action at least in Afghanistan and also possibly in Iraq.
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