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    Thumbs up New zealand makes major investment in defence

    NEW ZEALAND has made a request for the supply of 4 Boeing P8 Poseidon Maritime Warfare aircraft. Total value of contract, including aircraft, training and support package amounts to $1.46 billion. After operating a dedicated fleet of Lockheed P3 Orion for over 40 years , the Kiwis are staying in the game with their US and Aussie allies, especially given the global explosion of submarines.

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    NZ Defence Budget is out for Fiscal 2017/18. Finally starting to open up the purse strings after about 20 years.

    Total appropriation of $3.387 Billion for NZF, Veterans Affairs and Ministry of Defence with $709 million on new capital spending.

    Defence Force appropriations in Vote Defence Force, totalling just over $3,261 million for the 2017/18 financial year.

    This includes just under $2,548 million for departmental output expenses covering the following:

    • a total of just under $2,044 million on Air ($766 million), Army ($831 million) and Navy ($447 million)
    capabilities prepared for joint operations to provide the Government with a range of military forces to
    protect and advance the security and interests of New Zealand. These are held at appropriate levels of
    capability and preparedness to protect New Zealand's territorial sovereignty and to contribute to
    regional and global security efforts. Most of these forces will also contribute to a range of services to
    other government departments and the New Zealand community when not committed to operations
    overseas, and

    • a total of just over $504 million on Multi-Category Appropriations (MCA) for Advice to the Government,
    Operations Contributing to New Zealand's Security, Stability and Interests, and the Protection of
    New Zealand and New Zealanders.

    Of the total output expenses, about $14 million is expected to be funded from third-party revenue
    (Revenue Department and Revenue Other) in 2017/18. The remainder is funded with Revenue Crown via

    There is a Departmental Other Expense of just under $5 million for the loss on sale of physical assets.

    There is also a capital expenditure appropriation of up to $709 million for the purchase of assets.

    The Minister of Veterans' Affairs is responsible for Veterans' Affairs appropriations in Vote Defence Force
    totalling just under $127 million for the 2017/18 financial year.

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