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    How did it turn out?
    Ship made it home....if things had gone any differently lets just say the NS would have been on ship plus crew shorter in an instant!

    the fact that the escort ships were order to move away gives some idea about the potential out comes.

    This should have been the bench mark used for the Cliona incident where DSMs were issued. but there was military politics involved, the guilty were never punished and as a result the righteous went unrewarded.

    in fairness all we have is a brief paragraph
    If heroism doesn't jump off the page , I really don't want to know !

    t should never be down to an officers v enlisted choice- every one of that boarding party crew should get the DSM. They all displayed balls of carbonite.
    If the crew of the LE Hedgehog (150 all ranks) did the same brave thing then the entire crew of the LE Hedgehog should get the medal. Not just the boss and a token working class lad.
    But its has time again to the point of where 'If I'm not getting one... no one is '!!!!

    This is where Unit Citations need to be addressed, the guy who carried the human remains down the gang way on the day of the Air India was as entitled to an award as the guy who took them from the water, but knowing some of the people involved the three guys in the boat in particular they actually put themselves in the way of harm, how many can say that?

    Meritorious service vers bravery or heroism is what needs to be addressed. One set of awards cannot cover all eventualities.

    Until this is done we'll have this conversation time and time again
    Time for another break I think......

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    MOD: I have moved the posts relating the COS and his authority/spending power to a separate thread

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