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    @daithidub Iím not advocating for joining NATO.

    We arenít neutral not have we ever been - I think the Emergency was in a major war we are in a key geographical location especially if the UK is a party to a conflict. Itís in our interests to prevent anyone using Ireland as a base to attack the UK..... or anyone else. There will be occasions when allowing our territory to be used is in our interests or is ďthe right thing to doĒ.

    Ireland is a multicultural multi religious society but to say this isnít a predominant Christian country... the 2016 Census showed over 4 million people in this country identify themselves as of a Christian faith.

    So you donít thing we are a mixture of capitalism and socialism? We have both social welfare and Free enterprise.

    Read the post again, we all want regional stability and security, and we want similar regions to trade with - that is in everyone interests and is part of the core values of those organisations. Yes some will use the big stick to create that situation - that is why NATO acted in the Former Yugoslavia (including Irish troops), it is why there is Irish troops with the EU in Mali.

    Sounds a bit like Alsace & Lorraine and Austria .... Iím going extreme there but

    What Iím saying is Social Media makes throw away remarks very easy with a very wide audience and for some a high level of influence. In a high stakes game, that can be very dangerous. You donít have to be Putin to do that..... people are being radicalised on social media.

    Cyber warfare isnít necessarily about taking out nuclear reactors with a virus, it is also about influence ops and propaganda (except the beauty of Cyber is that you can actually change legitimate content on the actual page rather than have to print a rival newspaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flamingo View Post
    I donít really care if Ireland joins NATO or not. But waving the ďNeutralityĒ card and claiming the moral high ground from it as a cover for simple laziness and lack of moral courage by the political class and those who elect them is simple hypocrisy.
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