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Thread: PDF retention

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantasia View Post
    No Dev you are not correct.

    You apply for promotion, stating what units / locations you are willing to serve.

    You can only be promoted into an appointment that you are qualified to fill. The list of appointments & qualifications is listed in Annex XYZ to Admin Instr Part 10.

    In the example you cited, the Sqn Sgt appointment would have the Cavalry Standard Course listed and you can only do that as a cav NCO.

    The problem is with line vacancies in Inf Bns, HQs and in a lot of cases the Air Corps where everyone seems to run to given half a chance
    Army unit commanders are very generous when it comes to approving a transfer for some of the dregs which have transferred into the AC. That goes for officers and enlisted.

    They don't call it a retirement home for nothing.

    The problem is when the said dreg goes for promotion, they generally have overseas service and multiple courses which are not available to AC members by virtue of the fact that they are AC line. So they end up being shafted in the promotion competition while army guys come in and put the feet up.
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    What does any young man or woman want out of a career in the Forces?

    In my opinion...

    1. Adventure...the opportunity to prove themselves.

    2. Travel.

    3. A sense of being part of something they and their country can be proud of.

    4. Reasonably good pay and conditions.

    5. A decent pension.

    6. Knowing that they and their family will be looked after.

    7. Not being fcuked around.

    8. Learning life skills which will be useful when they leave.

    9. Within the rank system a mutual respect which goes down as well as up.

    10. Being able to walk into a bar to admiring looks from the local Ladies...and jealous glares from their unworthy boyfriends.

    I've kind of been following this thread...the problem you are discussing is also prevalent in the British Army...lots leaving and we're struggling to recruit.

    Friend of mine was in recruiting 2008-2010...he tells me he literally had queues of people looking to join as Op Herrick was in full swing...see my first point.
    'History is a vast early warning system'. Norman Cousins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantasia View Post
    Not sure what having a Minister or Minister for State has to do with PDF retention though.
    The Minister directs the DoD based on courses of action proposed by staff.

    All the policies of the DoD over the past 20 years have served to erode pay and conditions of the DF.

    Pay has been slashed, any worthwhile retirement for post 2013 contracts is gone. Allowances have been shredded. Housing support is non existent. Yet tasks and roles have expanded with continued cuts to overall establishment. Yet the DoD see fit to hire another Assistant Sec Gen appointment for HR!

    DOD have pulled AC out of participation for Hotblade Ex (I know of two pilots who left because of that decision alone).
    DOD refuse to open participation in EU Joint Units / EDA.
    DOD pulled participation in EU Battlegroup Exercises in Germany.

    All the while the Military Authorities swing up the arms onto retirement on pre 2004 pensions and lump sum bonuses for good behavior!

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