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  1. Futuristic U.S combat uniform
  2. RAF Regiment
  3. SBS Commander killed in accident
  4. Royal Irish to be stood down.
  5. Patrol Polska 2006
  6. Sandhurst RSM RTU'ed for bullying - The Sun
  7. Canada's New Government Announces Changes to Reserve Force Personnel Pension Plan
  8. U.S. Military unveils heat-ray gun
  9. British Army using Steyrs?
  10. British Army Sniper Article - written by AA Gill
  11. Getting out of the Tank Business.
  12. Royal Marines
  13. Interview with Carlos Hathcock
  14. New US Bayonet.. erm.. rifle-mounted-chainsword.
  15. What do you think of Irish people joining the BA?
  16. US Soldier Explains Why He Uses a Rifle Stock to Shoot Photographs
  17. Start Thinking Soldier
  18. first woman in charge of US Army Drill School
  19. UK desert dpm trousers
  20. Kid joining the British
  21. British Army Uniforms
  22. UK to adopt Crye (Multicam type) Camoflage Pattern
  23. New sharpshooter rifle for British Army
  24. UK Armed Forces facing cuts of up to 20%
  25. Two Armed Services 'Could Merge' In 10 Years
  26. The Rise and Fall of a Female Captain Bligh
  27. Royal Navy may lift ban on females serving on submarines
  28. Dutch anger at US General's Srebrenica claim
  29. NI TA Soldiers to Guard Pope In Cyprus
  30. Red Arrows Collide During Greek Training
  31. US Army Technology Blog
  32. US Marine After Action PPT
  33. Best Regimental Song- Sweet Banana.
  34. UFC Fighters Train with the Marine Corps
  35. Royal Navy to recover stranded British nationals.
  36. new 'long distance kill' recorded by sniper.
  37. British Sniper kills 5 in 28 seconds.
  38. Long range rescue
  39. British Soldiers march through Red Square
  40. Paras 10 Miler.
  41. New US kit trialed in Afghanistan
  42. New UK Government defence Policy.
  43. Cpl Stephen Walker RM
  44. OP.Banner 1969-2006 MOD Paper.
  45. BA EOD Colonel resigns.
  46. HMS Daring Channel 4 Monday 7pm
  47. Ukraine will NOT be joining NATO
  48. Israeli storming of Blockade Runner
  49. Grenadier Guards Trooping the Colour
  50. Canada to purchase 65 F-35 JSF
  51. UK Defence Vehicle Display
  52. Cambrian Patrol 2010
  53. RAF Harrier crash in Kandahar - May 2009
  54. How To Build A Nuclear Submarine
  55. 40 Commando in Afghanistan - the fallen.
  56. Mi5 trick and catch Real IRA Leader
  57. Pre Mobilization Training update
  58. Britain's Secret Engineers
  59. Future of the RAF
  60. General Peter Walls.
  61. Canada's new fleet: CC-130J
  62. CF-18 crash - 23 july 2010
  63. Officer Cadets
  64. Families at Sea
  65. Overstreached british Army nearly seized up in 2006.
  66. Canadian cowboy trains British soldiers to spot IEDs
  67. British Army announces new CGS and CLF
  68. Combat School
  69. Irish in British Army:Mark Hennessy
  70. Please Troll Here
  71. What is British Army life like?
  72. The SRR/14 Int coy
  73. Irish DF far better equipped than the British Army
  74. British Army to use Apple iPad
  75. Canadian, Basic Up: Reloaded
  76. Wiki Leaks
  77. Defence Cuts
  78. Afghanistan: 'Don't get too close - if he goes up you'll go with him'
  79. Col. Ron-Reid Daly CO Selous Scouts
  80. UK Womens Hockey team trains with Royal Marines
  81. Lebanon opens bank account for donations to equip army
  82. Guardsman saved by Rosary beads.
  83. Uproar over ex-soldier's Facebook photos
  84. Letter from CO 1 Royal Irish
  85. British Armed Forces tests 'blast pants' for troops
  86. US Special Forces adopt Belgium Assault Rifle
  87. Major exercise sees UK and NATO forces refine land-air coordination.
  88. New more lethal 5.56mm round for British Soldiers.
  89. new Machine Gun for British Door Gunners
  90. new UK Nuclear submarine joins the Royal Navy
  91. Irish Guards headed to Afghan
  92. Canadian Forces 09 tour of Kandahar.
  93. Britain/France To Pool Military Resources
  94. Status Quo remake "In the Army Now" for Charity
  95. US Army............WTF!
  96. Royal Marines in Brazil
  97. Ocelot revealed as Snatch replacement
  98. Norwegian Army too 'Aggressive' in Afghanistan
  99. Hi from AFG
  100. Europe's largest Military Exercise
  101. Last night, Channel 4 9pm...
  102. RAF operating at civilian Air Traffic Control
  103. British Prime Minister appoints new military assistant
  104. Navy aircraft UK carrier will be sold after three years, no jets.
  105. Unmanned Supply Helos for US Army
  106. British nuclear sub runs aground
  107. MOD SDR bites again!
  108. NZDF White Paper Released
  109. Neutral Austria mulls changeover to a professional army
  110. Female Medic awarded Military Cross
  111. JCB to supply British Army with 236 new machines
  112. British Army Platoon Sgts Battle course
  113. British Army divers train in Zoo
  114. British Army Officer Cadets compete in Wespoint
  115. Reservists train Afghan Army
  116. Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen encouraged to become Teachers
  117. HMS Invincible for sale
  118. 2 Rifles in Helmand video
  119. US military unveils 'smart gun'
  120. 200 new LPPV's for the British Army
  121. An interesting find.
  122. OAP Puts US Marine Corps to shame
  123. Pathfinder selection cadre
  124. Research Information
  125. Changes to Royal Navy's surface fleet announced
  126. British Army introduces new Pelvic Protection
  127. Two hundred and twenty-three Officer Cadets commissioned from Sandhurst
  128. Bomb Disposal Soldier awarded George Cross
  129. RAF commander: our air force will be little better than Belgium’s
  130. Irish Guards do the nativity in Helmand
  131. Update from AFG
  132. Raunchy Navy Skit Being Demonized by Press
  133. new British Commando unit
  134. LIR and last battle on British soil
  135. CO gets bitten.
  136. US Forces to be cut by 47,000
  137. Afghans letching at young female British Officer
  138. La France
  139. Paedophilia 'culturally accepted in south Afghanistan'
  140. "Top 100" Gay, Bisexual and Lesbian Employer
  141. British Army's front-line kit on Discovery
  142. UK ship refused entry to Brazil
  143. Australian soldier awarded VC
  144. Trauma Risk Management
  145. Knjocker is oin cana'Da¬
  146. RAF Tornado crashes into sea off Scotland
  147. 300 Club
  148. Indian Navy Frigate Sinks in Collision
  149. RAMC Journal
  150. US Marine Recon : Surviving the cut
  151. RAF delivers aid to Colombian flood victims
  152. NZ SAS to stay in Afghanistan for another year
  153. Irish Guards get new Royal Colonel
  154. BA Scimitar overturns on A1 in West Yorkshire
  155. Irish Guards Question
  156. WO2 P45 4u-c u soon
  157. Empty seats in Parliament for Afghanistan Debate.
  158. Training Ugandans for Somalia deployment
  159. British Army Exercise Grand Prix, Kenya.
  160. 60% of the SAS are Paras
  161. Joining a Foreign Military.
  162. Fao barry admin
  163. British forces ration packs?
  164. Lesbian Captain sent home from Afghanistan
  165. U.S. Military Hyper realistic training
  166. Royal Irish Regiment mounts its largest air assault since 1945
  167. RIFLES Snipers kill 75 Taliban in 40 days
  168. Delivering diesel in a Danger Zone
  169. RM Hovercraft crash on the Thames
  170. ISAF involvement in Afghanistan
  171. Gurkha who repelled Taliban attack gets bravery medal
  172. Thieves steal plane fuselage and ship's anchor from MoD
  173. 350 UK Special Forces Soldiers in Libya
  174. UKSF Comms
  175. Triple Facedesk for the ADF
  176. Army medic Kylie Watson awarded Military Cross
  177. Medical & Physical (Irish vs others)
  178. Director UKSF trained by Irish Soldiers
  179. 3D technology helps helicopters land on sand
  180. Cambrian Patrol 2011
  181. Lessons for Canada in shockingly bad state of British military
  182. British Navy-More Admirals than ships.
  183. Singapore soldier 'remorseful' over maid backpack gaffe
  184. Aussie SAS-Toys r Us
  185. Officer Killed on HMS Astute
  186. Brits using pictures of RDF on their website
  187. Australian Gunners receive Afghanistan medals in UK
  188. Chinese Immigrant 'Set Up Fake US Army Unit'
  189. Combat coffee
  190. RAF's largest ever aircraft arrives in the UK
  191. Military send unsuitable Typhoon to Libya
  192. Df to send officers to British Army officers funeral.
  193. British Officer Cadets make their mark at US academy competition
  194. UK and French troops train together
  195. RIP Col. Albert Bachmann-Swiss Military Intelligence
  196. Go Vikings!
  197. HMS Liverpool engages Libyan artillery
  198. RODETS saving lives.
  199. Obit. Gen.Peter Welsh- Telegraph today
  200. British Army Apache's clock up 100,000 flying hours
  201. Online Security Awareness training for recruits.
  202. British Army welcome Estonian Army to Helmand (again)
  203. British Forces improve Amphibious Capability
  204. Chinese snipers win Military and Police Sniper World Cup ’11
  205. Royal Navy rescue 5 people in 4 callouts in one evening
  206. British Army Horse killed at Royal Gun Salute
  207. British Army CVR(T) replacement confirmed.
  208. Royal Navy's new Ice Breaker named
  209. New 'Green' Coffee for British Troops.
  210. Understanding Reservists
  211. FN MINIMI™ 7.62 Machine Gun Selected by British Military
  212. Pakistani Rangers shoot young man.. GRAPHIC !!!
  213. medical pension
  214. Enhanced training giving British Soldiers the edge...
  215. Medics in Northern Ireland swap scrubs for combats
  216. Mobilising Reserve Forces
  217. Hundreds of Army's best soldiers apply for redundancy
  218. Helicopter requirements under review in new round of defence cuts
  219. Stick Guns
  220. Royal Navy task group heads through Suez
  221. Future RAF missions under threat if Libyan intervention continues
  222. upgraded HMS Illustrious begins sea trials
  223. British, German and American Paratroopers take to the skies together over England
  224. Marine killed by Taliban leaves £100,000 in his will to send 32 of his mates on holid
  225. Our War. Episode 1.
  226. Happy Armed Forces Day
  227. War artist draws US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
  228. Tornado's reach 1 Million flying hours
  229. British Forces GSR
  230. Aldershot Garrison Army Show
  231. British - Franco Deployable Force gets underway.
  232. As Dave 'does the talking', war dead are sneaked out of the back gate
  233. 2 Rifles train for op herrick 15
  234. RAF Puma crashes
  235. British Army recruitment policy
  236. Chinook Pilots to be cleared
  237. far flung places
  238. Edinburgh Military Tattoo
  239. British Army Jackals, Coyotes and Huskies now in Northern Ireland
  240. £700 bill to deliver soldier boots.
  241. British Army replacing SUSAT with ELCAN LDS
  242. Army may face cuts to fund TA reservists
  243. TA in Afghanistan.
  244. Original name of Evangelos Florakis Naval Base?
  245. British Army's 19 Light Brigade to be disbanded.
  246. How Russian soldiers feel when they have to take down their 'ghost army'
  247. New protective clothing bound for British Soldiers
  248. Combat Medics prepare for Afghanistan
  249. Turkish military leaders resign en masse
  250. Thai Army Heli Crash after Crash after Crash