View Full Version : Postcard Campaign !

2nd June 2003, 21:33

2nd June 2003, 21:40
Aren't well intentioned, but utterly futile gestures like this more the preserve of the Indymedia crowd?
Next you'll be holding "spotaneous" interpretative dance protests outside the Dail. :D

Goldie fish
2nd June 2003, 22:51
I Intend eating mostly custard cream biscuits in protest myself!

3rd June 2003, 13:39
Interpretive dance you say, better than starting riots and then only filming the police reaction.

3rd June 2003, 16:23
yea goldie, write your protest on the custard cream biscuit box and post that to bertie , he'd be much more appreciative !! :p

3rd June 2003, 20:23
I had a sneaking doubt that I was wasting my time posting this topic.
My suspicions have proved correct.
It's no wonder nothing ever changes in this country when people can't even be bothered to write a few words on a postcard.
(Change has to start somewhere).

3rd June 2003, 20:37
Look how much effort went into the Selafield campaign, and that got nowhere. The only thing people could do would be to lobby local politicians directly: postcards can be chucked in the bin, but it's hard to ignore someone in front of you.