View Full Version : Looking for IAC air or tech crew

13th June 2003, 15:30

are there any air or tech crew on this board at the moment? If so, I'm looking for someone to make an all-expense paid trip over to the UK, to have a crawl around several Wessex that we are looking at purchasing. I'd go myself, but timing is all effed up. We'd even toss in some extra cash on top of expenses.

13th June 2003, 18:59
Try Franks board over at irishairpics.com, some techies are known to be resident.

Goldie fish
14th June 2003, 04:00
what about pprune?

16th June 2003, 13:20
Already hit both. Seems most ppruners are still out of the country. Have a hit though, and only 40 minutes from the beasties.