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19th June 2003, 21:06
I´m trying to contact 302 SQN of the IAC, i´m a pilot in 552 SQN, Portuguese Air Force currently flying AL III, i know that the mission of 302 SQN is very similar to ours so we´re interested in an Squadron Exchange. Can anyone give me their contact. Thank you.

19th June 2003, 21:22
This is an unnofficial site which is not entirely loved by the authorities here,
The defence forces have an official liaison officer for this sort of thing so your best bet is to go to http://www.defence.ie/website.nsf/home+page?openpage or e-mail Webmaster@defence.irlgov.ie

Best of luck with that.

19th June 2003, 21:29
+ 353 4592493 is the phone number for the switchboard at Baldonnel, according to the phone book.

19th June 2003, 22:29
That said, it's a salute to the quality of the the board (an to some of the posters) that this site is often mistaken as official!


Well done lads


25th June 2003, 17:12
BGTORCATO....please leave your e-mail address or contact number and I will get a member of 302 Squadron to mail or ring you.

25th June 2003, 20:02
Here is a look at the resources of Portugal.

http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/waf/port/portaf2.htm :mad:

Bud Fox
26th June 2003, 10:23
I wonder if the Portuguese got any cash from the EU for/towards the 12 EH101 helicopters which have been ordered for SAR/fishery protection, (delivery from 2004)

If so should we do the same and buy a "European" product.

26th June 2003, 10:34
Yes they got funding towards their 14 EH-101s because two are equippedwith search radar for MPA duties.
It's a rather good idea, something I've suggested cogging before.

Bud Fox
26th June 2003, 10:49
We are usually quite good about getting the EU hand outs. Would one of the reasons we have not gone down this road due to the restrictions on use ie with the CASA.... should not be used for MHATS.

If so a sqdn of F16 get my vote for MPA!!

Bud Fox
26th June 2003, 10:50
Pls note MHATS = Mary Harney Air Transport Service.

26th June 2003, 11:12
I bet CASA use that on their sales propmotions for the CN-235, "Used by Ireland in a Heavy lift and VIP role, simultaneously)

26th June 2003, 13:54
BGTORCATO, 302 squadron would be only too delighted to discuss this matter informally, and we do mean informally because we don't wish to put any noses out of joint by going outside of the 'chain of command'. It has been mentioned to the senior pilots in the squadron, and positive noises were made, but to find out the exact details as to the experience level of the pilots that we would be talking about and the qualifications, type variations etc, we need to make direct contact. I suggest that you e-mail searchnrescue@lycos.co.uk as soon as you have read this and I will endeavour to get the ball rolling from this end. Any formal request should be sent to the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs through the Portugeuse Embassy in Ireland (or the UK if there isn't one here). By the way, would 552 Sqdn be interested in a visit to Dublin to help us celebrate the 40th anniversary of the AL III? Contact me to find out more!!:flagwave: