View Full Version : Looks like the US Cavalry's going back into the heavy recon business.

California Tanker
28th December 2007, 21:12
There have been mutterings over the lack of capability of the Armoured Recon Squadrons of the Heavy Brigade Combat Teams of late. As currently configured, it's some 3 Bradleys and 6 HMMWVs per platoon with a grand total of 33 persons including vehicle operators.

The two main problems noted were the lack of dismounts for non-recon operations, and the inability to fight for information. (i.e. if you're poncing about the battlefield in a 30-ton Bradley, you have to be able to brush aside the counter-recon screen as you've no chance of sneaking by). Thus there was a conference in Ft Knox this month to brainstorm solutions.

The results were to bring a tear to an armour crewman's eye. This is only the proposed solution, it needs to be signed off by higher powers and the beancounters.

Most importantly, the Hummers are gone, and replaced by tanks. Dismount ability is to be increased by changing from M3 to M2 Bradley seating configuration, each Brad will now carry six trunk monkeys instead of the current two. This effectively returns the armoured cav to the old configuration of the M60/M113 days and earlier as a low-level combined arms force. There may be the addition of a fourth, pure-tank company to the three recon companies.

Other cavalry unit types, as far as I know, will remain unchanged. eg HMMWVs for the battalion scout platoons and light recon squadrons, and Strykers for SBCT RISTA Squadrons.


28th December 2007, 21:21
Does this mean you are getting your tank back?/

California Tanker
28th December 2007, 21:53
Quite possibly.

Just because the Troop is getting a tank platoon or two does not mean that the CO is going to get one, he may be stuck on a Bradley. However, if the CAB battalions are an indicator, the BC gets a tank while the S3 has a Brad.

There's also the issue of how long it takes to get through the system. NV still has the tanks on the books, so with no need to actually get the things delivered as long as we can just get the funding for parts, fuel and ammo, we have a good chance of getting a few of them up and running soon. We'll see how things shake out in the wash over the next few months: As I'm spending next year until AUG in Ft Knox anyway, it's a bit academic in the short term.