View Full Version : Skullduggery in the air

17th January 2003, 22:46
Has anyone noticed some odd air activity over Dublin today, I could swear I heard a jets engines (as opposed to just the noise of the jet ripping up the sly) which if I remember correctly would signify a low flying aircraft(ack-ack correct me if I'm wrong). I wasn't anywhere near normal Airport traffic. Earlier on I saw what looked remarkably like a brightly coloured Ec-120 Colibri....
Am I nuts or did anyone else notice the same thing?

20th January 2003, 00:13
Was driving home on friday night from work and heard a guy ring in FM104 saying that he had seen what he believed was a UFO or strange lights streaking at an extremely high speed over the M50 near Dublin airport.

It was either FM104 or 98FM, now im not 100% which, but they then came back on air a few minutes later to say 3 or 4 more reports had come in about unusual lights atravelling eratically sometimes at high speed out over the north east coastal area near donabate or malahide.

I personally saw nothing, but it went on and was covered on the radio for about 20 minutes while i was driving home.

20th January 2003, 18:13
no i didnt hear anything this week but last week whilst driving home i noticed alot of activity in the air at around 6 o clock. it was pitch black and even my mate who was in the car with me said it was a bit strange. did anyone else notice anything strange