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23rd July 2003, 23:59
Government jet not to be replaced


July 23, 2003

(19:40) The cabinet has decided not to proceed with plans to replace the Government jet.

The decision to purchase a new jet was made in February, drawing criticism from the opposition.

The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, recommended to today's cabinet meeting that the purchase should not proceed, in the context of the current spending review.

The smaller Beechcraft aircraft will be replaced but this will be funded by savings in the defence budget.

What does this last bit mean?

Joey D
24th July 2003, 00:37
It means that he's getting his new jet, but he's screwing the Defence budget to get the money.

How much more savings can be made from Defense? Its turning into a joke.

24th July 2003, 00:40
Aerospace companies must be pissed off dealing with this government, they are gaining quite a reputation for cancelling tenders.

24th July 2003, 11:39
<font face="tahoma" color="#ff9900">This is Getting Rediculous!! The BeechCraft replacement Might aswell be a CASA trainer. That Can be used for other Roles (Mats is not included in that)


paul g
25th July 2003, 16:32
A learjet 45 will be bought top replace the king air

25th July 2003, 17:34
from defence-aerospace.com

Government Decision on Purchase of Replacement Aircraft For Ministerial Air Transport Service

(Source: Irish Ministry of Defence dated July 23, issued July 24, 2003)

The Minister for Defence has announced that the Government has decided that it will not proceed with the purchase of a 40-seater jet to replace the existing Gulfstream IV.

The Government has also decided to approve the purchase of a Learjet 45 (7-9 seater) aircraft as a replacement for the 23 year old Beechcraft Aircraft which was serving in a Ministerial Air Transport Service role, subject to the negotiation of satisfactory arrangements with the vendor. The Learjet 45, parts of which are made in Belfast, is manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace.

Detailed negotiations with the successful tenderer will commence immediately and it is expected that an aircraft will be operational before the end of the year. The actual purchase price will be determined in the course of the negotiations.

The purchase cost of the Learjet will be funded from savings on the Defence Vote for 2003.


25th July 2003, 17:46
Are these savings resulting from theother contracts that were deferred for "economic reasons"? Ie were light tactical vehicles, new pistols etc. sacrificed for the sake of a new Learjet?
Surely if this spare money is now to be found in the Defence budget, it could be spent on more important things..

paul g
25th July 2003, 19:47
Its not that the defence forces will have to field the EU RRF battalion at the end of this year equipped with unarmoured Nissan patrols instead of light tactical vehicles that provide adequate protection for their occupants to provide for this aircraft or anything like that. .

27th July 2003, 15:29
Originally posted by paul g
Its not that the defence forces will have to field the EU RRF battalion at the end of this year equipped with unarmoured Nissan patrols instead of light tactical vehicles that provide adequate protection for their occupants to provide for this aircraft or anything like that. .

No, thank God. That would be criminal negligence, surely.

27th July 2003, 19:21
Anyone notice that the article in todays Sunday Indo matches this thread closely, and was written by Dan Lavery, who has used material from here in stories before?


paul g
28th July 2003, 20:06

how could you be so cynical about the government, this new jet is needed vitally. Personally I think that it would be a good idea to have a competition. Perhaps mr Lavery, if he's reading, could arrange it with the Independent Newspapers group so it could be truely national, asking school children to write an essay abnout why a learjet 45 is more important than all the other things that have been defered from being acquired.

I've seen what TM-45 can do to a soft skin, and neither myself, Bertie or another member of the government is going to drive over a landmine in a Nissan patrol, but some member of the defence forces might.

1st August 2003, 15:47
ah yeah but think of the pensions savings they'll make by sending those nasty waqr mongers to their deaths.

1st August 2003, 16:28
"ah yeah but think of the pensions savings they'll make by sending those nasty waqr mongers to their deaths"

Nope, not true, factually or otherwise.

1st August 2003, 22:30
you always spoil my tabloidian jingoisms....and I should thank you for that.
Imagine beig quoted by Peter Howick, I feel sick

5th September 2003, 19:21
Government to buy Bombardier jet

September 5, 2003

(17:32) It is understood the Government is likely to go ahead with the purchase of a new seven to nine-seater jet from Bombardier, despite the company having to ground a number of its aircraft.

The Department of Defence is confident that safety worries over the new jet will be resolved before the plane is delivered.

The 9 seater Learjet 45, manufactured by Canadian firm Bombardier, has been grounded in the United States because of a faulty part in the tail section.

But the Government says Bombardier have kept it fully informed of the difficulties, and have assured it that the problem will be resolved in time for the jet to be delivered before Ireland's EU Presidency begins in January.

The contract for the purchase of the Learjet has not yet been signed.

The jet is being bought to replace the existing Beechcraft aeroplane, which has been in service since 1980.

It will join the existing Government jet, a Gulfstream IV, in transporting ministers during the hectic Presidency schedule.

At the end of July, the Government decided not to go ahead with the purchase of a larger jet to replace the Gulfstream, which has been plagued by technical problems.


6th September 2003, 00:43
Why not copyright the contents of the board and then the ****ers would have to pay for the use or have to work for a living and do their own research.

24th September 2003, 14:19
A NEW jet to ferry Government ministers to urgent meetings during Ireland's forthcoming EU presidency will be bought with savings from the fund to settle army deafness claims.

An €8.4m contract for the supply of the jet will be signed this afternoon by Defence Minister Michael Smith.

The Bombardier Learjet 45 light business jet is being purchased to augment the ministerial air transport service and will be delivered in December.

It replaces a 23-year-old Beech King aircraft and will be funded from within the existing Department of Defence budget.

The savings to pay for the new plane were achieved through a reduction in compensation awards for army deafness claims.

These savings were achieved in the wake of a decision by the Defence Minister to impose a final deadline for the early settlement scheme.

Any subsequent claims are being fought by the State on the grounds that they are statute-barred.

And where the department is successful in any case the minister is seeking the costs of the hearing from the claimant.

Since the decision was taken, the average number of new claims has fallen by 63pc from 11 a week to four.

The reduction in payouts has already allowed the minister to divert funding for

* The purchase of 65 new armoured personnel carriers for the Army at a cost of €80m;

* Two new ships for the Naval Service for €57m;

* And eight training craft for the Air Corps that will cost in the region of €60m.

Government plans to lease a Learjet 45 from next month prior to buying a craft were dropped earlier this month after the plane was grounded in the United States because of safety fears.

Ministers had hoped to lease the plane for about three months to cope with increased travel demands in the lead-up to the presidency which begins in January.

The leasing arrangement would also also have allowed Air Corps pilots and crew to become familiar with the model before the new one was delivered.

The jet ordered by the Government is still being built and will not contain the faulty part that led to the others being grounded. The Government is satisfied that the December deadline will be met.

The Learjet 45 is designed and manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace which is one of the biggest manufacturers on the island, employing some 5,700 people in Belfast where about half of the craft is made.

The Government decided in July to purchase a seven-seater jet rather than go ahead with plans to purchase a 40-seater craft because of worsening public finances and likely public opposition.

The existing 14-seater Gulfstream IV model is being retained.

Tom Brady
Security Editor


24th September 2003, 23:20
I thought it was supposed to come from the Dept of the Taoiseach?

Joey D
25th September 2003, 01:14
The smaller Beechcraft aircraft will be replaced but this will be funded by savings in the defence budget.

Not according to the first post in this thread!

Goldie fish
25th September 2003, 17:01
YJ..Did that post come directly from the Final Fail propaganda website?

25th September 2003, 17:05
Two new ships for the Naval Service for €57m;

2 ships? I thought they only bought 1 new one....

Goldie fish
25th September 2003, 17:08
it was 2...Roisin first,and Niamh replaced Deirdre.