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Film Guy
26th July 2003, 17:04
I am producing a new sci-fi film set in Ireland and the U.K and was wondering if anyone could answer a couple of questions.

Is it possible that Irish pilots might go on an exchange with the RAF?

Do the RAF and Air Corps use metric or imperial measurements in communications.

ie "Target at 30,000 feet" or 10,000 metres?


27th July 2003, 11:09
I reckon the RAF would only come over here for the beer as the Aer Corp have no equipment compared to the RAF and that is not the Aer Corp's fault but the present and former Governments ,the fact that they were FF/PD as well should not cast any bad light on them. Mind U Bertie gave himself and his cronies a good pay rise and f**k the rest of us.

Film Guy
27th July 2003, 12:17
Yeah but would any air corps pilots train with the raf if say new planes were in the offing

27th July 2003, 13:37
They do, but only for things like SAR training, I heard that a couple of Irish pilots were given a brief course in the Tornado but have no idea if its true.
They'd offer us training if we were buying planes from them.

27th July 2003, 18:59
The co-op regularly on SAR training. Most recently involving the CASA maritime patrol aircraft, I think. Which, would be the Air Corps most impressive piece of kit right now. Type of thing with all its radars that might spot UFOs in the dead of night over the Atlantic and call the RAF for help! Hey, I could get good at this.

Film Guy
27th July 2003, 19:51
Thanks Tucco
I'll employ you as a screenwriter at this rate, interesting idea though!

Film Guy
27th July 2003, 21:00
Is the casa equipped with radar capable of detecting airborne threats?

Also does anyone know if the raf and air corps use metric or imperial measurement I know commercial aviation uses imperial still for altitude and range anyway

28th July 2003, 10:59
The CN-235s radar can be used to detect certain aerial threats , for instance there was a pair of Marineflieger Tornado's here for cat and mouse type training a month or two back...they'd try and sneak up on the Casa which would promptly paint them.

Film Guy
28th July 2003, 11:16
Cool, but why were german aircraft training with the air corps? were they based in Ireland for the training?

30th July 2003, 17:09
Same thing as far as I know. Trying to out fox the CASA. Wasn't there a post in the last year about alot of co-op going on in regard to all of this Euro defence coperation stuff that's happening? Also quiet skies were perfect for US C-130s doing training here earlier this year.:cool:

1st August 2003, 15:50
Yeah the MFL Tornados were based in Baldonnel for the weekend.

Film Guy
2nd August 2003, 00:39
Cool, any reference to this in the press or on the web preferably with pics?

2nd August 2003, 01:07
Film Guy, can you give us some more info on this film, i.e. is it like a large-scale indy film, or a personal film?

Joey D
2nd August 2003, 15:33
No doubt the Minister for Arts etc., will start throwing grant money/tax relief etc., at the film, if its any way big!

Film Guy
2nd August 2003, 21:21
Film is a personal project at the moment I am looking for funding but it is still in pre-production at the mo hence the grilling for info!

Joey D, I wish..

Film Guy
2nd August 2003, 21:33
Does anyone have any contacts in the Air Corps?
Ideally i could do with a couple of hours filming in a casa even on the ground.


2nd August 2003, 21:38
I think you will have to write to the Department for that. seem a bit involved for an informal visit.

2nd August 2003, 21:54
The two Tornado's that were in Bal recently were actuallyin for a Recce Of Salthill which they did. They didnt do training with the Casa but did do low level in Clane.:-patriot:

A Few years ago we had a pair of F-15e's out of Lakenheath for the Airshow and they Stayed in Dublin and they did training with the casa trying to jam radar etc etc but the Casa won and was listening in to the Pilots of the F-15's as they argued because one of the guys had actually forgot to take a pin out of the aircraft before flight and had to keep his gear down all the time they were training with the Casa. They told the Casa guys that it was a technical hitch but our lads knew the real story:flagwave:

3rd August 2003, 02:31
Fox, were these US F-15's? If we got beat by the Irish Air Corps, I should feel embarassed. :D

4th August 2003, 01:10
Yes they were USAF F-15e Strike Eagles.

4th August 2003, 18:14
Contact the Press Office at the Department of Defence, Parkgate St. Dublin. They're very helpful and normally very enthusisatic about people wanting to go and film things like the CASA. They've regularly had TV crews on board. Explain your project to them and they'll most likely be glad to help with your requirements.