View Full Version : 8 Helicopters at Once!

11th August 2003, 16:35
just seen 8 air corps helecopters in a beautiful formation, 3 Dauphins and at least 4 A3's, there might have been a Gazelle in the formation but it couldve been an A3, it was definetely an 8 ship formation though.

very very impressive and very very noisey and I didnt think 3 dauphins were still airworthy... any purpose to the formation other then great eye candy for me? :)

11th August 2003, 20:24
Thanks for the kind words. At one stage there were 10 helis in formation (GASU EC-135 included). A celebration of 40yrs of helicopter operations in the Air Corps so to speak!

11th August 2003, 22:21
Just as well they all didn't plummet to the earth or we'd be rightly bollocksed!IAC's Pearl Harbor!!:confused:

Joey D
12th August 2003, 11:20
Just noticed your signature, is that question for me?

12th August 2003, 11:23
I think it's a quote from the film Airplane.

Joey D
12th August 2003, 13:00
The guy with the dog - scraps! Great film! Please excuse the paranoia

12th August 2003, 13:32
Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean there's nobody out to get you.:D

Joey D
12th August 2003, 14:08
Thats not what my doc keeps telling me........

12th August 2003, 14:15
Better watch your back then, he's probably the one.:-patriot:

12th August 2003, 14:24
Must have been double vision....had you been drinking at the time?

Gunner Al
12th August 2003, 15:08
OK lads, kinda getting off topic here............:)

Joey D
12th August 2003, 19:57
Arra, just a bit of banter!

(hope this comment doesnt get me more points!!)

Goldie fish
13th August 2003, 04:51
One of the remaining dauphins(244 I think) is being used as a parts bin/training airframe and will not fly again. The dauphins days are numbered,as they are due a e1.5m avionics upgrade shortly, and nobody has made their mind up yet,whether the upgrade is on or not.
Is only one gazelle flying ?Did the other get written off as a total loss after its "hard landing" recently?

Why the "celebration". I dont think the first allouette arrived until december 1963.

13th August 2003, 08:15
Does anyone know for sure what's happening with the Dauphins? According to a guy on Frank's board, it was "The 10 ship (formation) (4 Dauphins, 5 AIII and GASU EC-135)" and he says he has photos which he'll send to Frank?


13th August 2003, 09:58
THe "hard landing" Gazelle was rolled up like a ball of tinfoil, only a civil servant could claim it would fly again, a replacement could be procured for the cost of catering the FF ard fheis but of course it can be repaired.....