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12th August 2003, 16:39
Seems some guy is campaigning in Brussels to have a single european Airspace and no more things such as Irish airspace or UK airspace etc etc but it has been said that the European Airspace would cover all of Europe and AC coming to Europe would have to ask a Main Base for OPS for permission to Enter European Air Space.

What do you think? Not such a Bad Idea i Reckon :flagwave:

After all it would Unify Europe more.

Herr Klutz
12th August 2003, 17:22
...and mean commercial flights don't have to go through 20 different ATC's before getting out the other end...

Gunner Al
12th August 2003, 20:44
But what about air forces patroling.
Would they also want a single European air force to patrol it or would they divide it up for air fores to patrol/defend?

13th August 2003, 09:47
I think the primary reason behind this is commercial not security.

Joey D
13th August 2003, 11:03
With the JAA and JAR set up, its only a matter of time before the ATCs are joined together.

Gunner Al
13th August 2003, 12:50
I know the reason for it is commercial but they would still have to divide up the airspace for security.....

Herr Klutz
13th August 2003, 13:09
just leave security airspace as it is.

13th August 2003, 14:36
Can't really see any difference. You'd still have to go through the same number of controllers, at the same levels. The only thing it might help, is the issue of overfly rights, which pretty much only effect military flight s as it is.

13th August 2003, 14:55
"Seems some guy is campaigning in Brussels to have a single european Airspace"

Are we talking about the 'Single Skies' agreement here? Cos if so, its more than one guy (try all of DG Transport for a start) and more than just about overfly rights. Its about the EU, as a whole, being able to negotiate for slots in other airspaces, the US being the most obvious example, rather than the current series of bilateral agreements.

Good summary here;


and here;


Herr Klutz
13th August 2003, 16:26
you wouldn't still be going through 30 different ATC's...the idea is to cut back that number to a more managable 5 or 10 main areas of control.

13th August 2003, 18:49
Until you've been behind the controls in a congested area lad, I'd suggest you not make statements on subjects you're not at all familiar with.

Miami and New York are all US systems, yet there are times when you are talking to 5-10 different controllers, and thats just 2 small areas. Heathrow, de Gaulle, Berlin all the same. Each major airport alone has many different hoops to jump through.

Joey D
13th August 2003, 20:05
Theres nothing worse than being behind the controls in a congested area

Herr Klutz
13th August 2003, 20:16
a dublin traffic jam at 10,000ft...

well the idea is to cut out that amount of ATC controllers entirely by breaking the EU airspace up into managable blocks which will be controlled by one ATC center.

13th August 2003, 20:18
Joey: Well, there is. You could be in the head at the time. gets messy.

Klutz: so that we can have airplanes smacking into each other all over Europe? There are already too few controllers as it is. It doesn't matter if they're all sitting in the same place under some nice, new banner. You still have to talk to ALL the different levels.

Joey D
14th August 2003, 10:57
Thats what will happen, nothing will change but they'll put a new name on it (maybe The European Airspace!) ! And it'll cost millions to come up with this name and a brand spanking new logo!