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26th April 2009, 00:18
Hi all,
In the aviation world, there are, unless you go East, three types of headset jack plugs.One for aircraft, one for helicopters and a more moderm multi-pin type for Airbuses.What's the story with AFV headsets/helmets? Do they have a common type of plug or what?

Goldie fish
28th April 2009, 23:50
You know, I'm surprised the eggspurts haven't answered you up to now. In my short time in armour, I wore two crew helmet/intercoms. Neither were compatable, but did the exact same job. The later type had better protection, with the added bonus of being able to select which output you were using.

They all connect to the car with two screw in multi pin jacks. plug in the pins, screw it tight.
The earlier type and the later type both had drop leads, that allowed you to break connection if you had to leave the car in a hurry, without hanging the user at the same time. However the drop leads on the newer model were completely different to those on the older. They were not compatible. It seems the earlier type was fine for the AN/PRC46 fitout, but not for the singcars. Different Comms Boxes.

This is the current system.
Much more comfy than the old one...

I assume however, if you hopped into an armoured vehicle that used the SINGCARS, your helmet should work...

So I guess the answer is no.?

29th April 2009, 09:33
The current vehicle intercom is called ROVIS if that helps (at least that is what MOWAGs have).

B Inman
29th April 2009, 20:13
I am 10 years out now but this was the standard connector up to the time left.


It was used with all the VRC/PRC family of radio,s and with the AM1780 intercom system that were fitted to the armour then in service. There was an older tyoe of intercomm system in some armour based on a French design but I cannot remember what type of connector was used.

I don’t know what type of of system is fitted to the Mowags but if it is based on the AM1760 system then this connector is the one in use.

The AM1780 is an American system and was in wide spread use.


The crew helmet in use was the Gentex DH132.


29th April 2009, 21:06
Not sure if this is the fit in the MOWAG but it is ROVIS:


29th April 2009, 21:58
Does that mean that you couldn't go from a Panhard/AML to a Mowag without changing headgear/connections?....are they powered off the vehicle or the radio?

Goldie fish
29th April 2009, 22:25
The Gentex was the old Panhard helmet. The Cobham is the new one. They look similar, but are not compatible.
The Rovis Replaced the AM1780(and not before time) most of them were U/S in any case. The Rovis was introduced when the Mowag arrived. It took a few years for the Panhard to be converted.

They are powered off the car. When the car stops all goes quiet...

29th April 2009, 22:47
In my short time in armour, I wore two crew helmet/intercoms. Neither were compatable

Would one of them be mine perhaps..lol

never mind about the interconncetivity ( yes I made that one up!) getting a helmet with a head set that worked was a near miracle.

Tow things that did work for comms between the comander were a good boot in the back..and eye contact.

How was the latter established..when the driver stood on the brakes and the commader loomed over the turret to meet him eye to eye.

internal comms were one thing..getting comms witha nother car was miraclous.

the only person I have ever met who actually maged to fix the internal comms in a car was Kermit, proving that you indeed had to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Compatibilty..think french and American in the one space..how could it ever work!

Goldie fish
29th April 2009, 22:58
The rovis works excellently. Many a driver will go home without two footprints in his back.

As for car to car, motorola....

30th April 2009, 01:44
As for car to car, motorola....

Which service provider? Vodafone? 3? O2? :biggrin:

30th April 2009, 23:36
We at one point used Motorolas for in car coms although it did cause some confusion for cars travelling in convoy

1st May 2009, 00:11
We at one point used Motorolas for in car coms although it did cause some confusion for cars travelling in convoy

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Goldie fish
1st May 2009, 09:59
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1st May 2009, 13:42
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1st May 2009, 19:53
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1st May 2009, 19:56
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Goldie fish
1st May 2009, 22:33
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1st May 2009, 22:56
In fairness, apart from his driving "skills" he's an absolutely decent chap.

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1st May 2009, 23:28
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