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Goldie fish
5th September 2003, 17:11
I was delighted to read in The examiner today of the Comissioning at Haulbowline yesterday of one (Now ensign) Michael Brunicardi. Michael is the son of former Lt Commander Daire Brunicardi,who retired in 1979 and now lectures in the Nautical Studies department of CIT, and is well known for his books on irish Naval History. Daire himself is the son of the Late Niall Brunicardi,who begun his career in the british army, but was recruited by the New Naval service as an Education Officer, tasked with training the fledgeling Naval services New officers.

Mike also has a bet on with his oulfella(a gentleman) that he will reach a higher rank than previously reached my his family.

I know Mike through friends/cousins etc,and I wish him all the best for the future.

Anyone else interesting get the bar and star yesterday????:D

6th September 2003, 00:35
Yeah Liam Donaldsons young fella got his.He was a Commander up to recently and retired on medical grounds.I served with him as XO on the Eithne....he collected one of the Peacocks having previously held a short service commission in the RN....again not a bad bloke.Last met him at the Air Show in baldonnel in 2000.

If these young fellas are as good as their fathers things are looking up for the navy.Also noticed advertisement in the examiner today for watch keeping officers and engineers...nice money for those who hold the right qualifications.

Goldie fish
6th September 2003, 01:26
Isn't Liam Donaldson currently OC Naval base and dockyard? Either way well done to both. Been gettin notions of goin back to sea to get that ticket myself...
Daire still thinks there is hope for me apparently..

6th September 2003, 01:53
I was led to believe that CDR Donaldson had some sort of heart condition and had retired but maybe i'm wrong.....was told this on camp by some head who does photos for cosantoir and is a cook

Vice Admiral
7th September 2003, 00:52
Cpt. Donaldson DSM is very much alive and serving, i saw him not 2 months ago on the base and in uniform. dunno about the Cdr.

8th September 2003, 17:36
I think that Goldie and Vice Admiral are mixing up Cdr Donaldson and Capt. Jim Robinson DSM. He is now OCNOC (formerly known as OCNBAD).

8th September 2003, 21:18
the above mentioned advertisement was in the job supplement of the examiner......hasn't been advertised in the normal dily...maybe this is the case with the Indo as well.They were actually looking for royal Navy qualified officers and equivalent merchant marine qualified watch keepers and engineers.....or maybe they are only looking for corkistanis........new peoples republic of Corkistan navy.

Goldie fish
9th September 2003, 16:05
Proper order too....The biggest problem eithne had is she was full of jackeens...

That said the examiner is a national Newspaper....
As for Mr Donaldson, According to the Examiner

One of the four cadets commissioned yesterday will have to be on his best behaviour at Haulbowline- that's because Stuart Donaldson is the son of the base's commanding officer, Liam Donaldson.

In the past there were 2 shore positions at Commander rank,OC Naval Base, and OC Naval dockyard. The Captains rank was OC Naval Base and dockyard,which is held by Captain Jim Robinson DSM,and today known as OC naval operations centre or something.

As for the jobs...

Watchkeeping Officers
Candidates for Bridge Watchkeeping Officers must be under 36 years of age as of 31 december 2003 and hold the following qualifications:

a. A Department of Marine Certificate of Competency(Deck officer), Class 1,2 or 3 WITH watchkeeping experience, OR

b. A Recognised Naval Watchkeeping Certificate, OR

c. A Marine qualification that is deemed by the Minister for Defence to be at least equivalent to the qualifications at a or b above.

These appointments will be for an initial period of 3 years with the scope for permanent commissions subject to certain conditions being met. A Qualified person can look forward to €55,603 in year 1 and year 2, rising to €61,952 in year 3.

Marine Engineering Officers
The importance of this role is reflected in the remuneration package on offer and appointments will be for an initial period of 3 years with the scope for permanent commissions subject to meeting certain conditions. A Ships Marine Engineering officer can look forward to up to €58,587 in year 1 and year 2, rising to €64,936 in year 3.

You will need to be under 38 years of age as of 31 December 2003 and hold one of the following professional qualifications. But most importantly you will need the drive and ambition to do something extraordinary with your career
- A Department of Marine class 1 or 2(motor) Certificate of Competency OR
- Royal Navy(British) Marine Engineering Officers Charge Certificate Qualification(MCQ) OR
- A Marine qualification that is deemed by the Minister for Defence to be at least equivalent to the qualifications outlined above.

For application forms and further information contact: Defence Forces Competitions, Personnel Section, DFHQ, Parkgate St, Dublin 8.
Tel 01-8042149,01-8042114 Fax 01-8042412

9th September 2003, 21:14
Full of jackeens...thats a very assumptive statement given in my day we had a very mixed crew four from waterford several from the midlands......one from mayo.......two from Drogheda.......a handful of jackeens and a few mavericks....the rest were corkistanis who ****ed off home to their mammies at every oppertunity....at one stage we even had a couple of brits on board.two from kildare....including the late great Minnie carroll.he was the leading Tel and on my first night on QM he brought me up the biggest fry up you have ever seen C/w chips ...no wonder he died of a heart condition.

9th September 2003, 21:16
I forgot the Kilkenny contingent made up of Kieran Cullinane and Ted The Red Bradley who hailed from castlecomer....Dubs were very much in the minority.

9th September 2003, 21:18
And the wexford shower gerry Cousins and Donal 'Mugger 'Maguire. paul Kelly from Longford Alan Kenna from Laois....Matty macarthy from tipperary town.....damien power from Clonmel........

Goldie ...these guys would take great offence to being called Dubs ....so now quailfy your last post!!!!!

Goldie fish
9th September 2003, 22:41
Maybe its cos the jackeens were the loudest!

10th September 2003, 17:35
Dunno what all this reference to Corkistani's rushing home to their mammies is all about....sure, didnt you have to come to Cork for a job Murph????

10th September 2003, 21:42
I was conscripted. My uncle the late Lt Cdr John Doyle had no sons ! and being the first born male child of age I was put on the recruitment list at a very age .My interview and medical were a very informal affair. I was told I was going to visit a paradise island for a weekend and ended up in haulbowline on a dark tuesday night...When I woke up i was in the Navy.
I wasn't so much afraid of the training staff as what would happen to me if found out if I ****ed off.
I used to have to report to his house in Cobh( Roches Terrace ) every Sunday for a debrief on my weeks training.

So after a 16 week nightmare I pass out....he turns up at my passing out parade and bollocks the Duty officer about an over flowing drain.....Murphys career is definetely not on the rise.

On joining the Eithne the CO finds out who I am...it turns out that my relative had passed a comment noting that the Co would n't make a good leading seaman....while he had been a cadet......Murphy is really ****ed now ...and the rest is history...and that explains how I ended up in Cork

3rd October 2003, 21:24
yeah brunicardi, sound man, delighted to here he passed out, was on a patrol with him on the ciara as a reservist and he couldnt of helped me more with advise and stuff to do with the service, so congradulations to him if he's reading this..........

Goldie fish
7th October 2003, 05:44
He didn't pass out...he got comissioned...only enlisted ranks "pass out".
Officers have a "commissioning ceremony":D

7th October 2003, 19:49
Leave him alone you bully....the lad is from waterford........Hey Goldie have you a brother in the guards...there was a guy the spitting image of you in clonmel today in a patrol car....

Goldie fish
8th October 2003, 17:07
Maybe it was me........

I have numerous doubles....no brothers though

8th October 2003, 17:42
I have numerous doubles

Is that to throw off the assassins?

Goldie fish
8th October 2003, 18:51
At the moment they are just stalkers..not assasins...

9th October 2003, 11:15
Well done to Mick Brunicardi in passing out. (He was in my unit when I joined up a really sound lad)
Goldie his nick name is Bruno

Goldie fish
23rd November 2005, 00:27
Further Congratulations are in order for the above mentioned Gentlemen,Mssrs Donaldson and Brunicardi who were recently Promoted to Sub Lt.

23rd November 2005, 01:13
I was conscripted. My uncle the late Lt Cdr John Doyle had no sons ! and being the first born male child of age I was put on the recruitment list at a very age A friend's CO, family doctor and next door neighbour were all the same person. Her brother would get uniform inspection before leaving the family kitchen. :(