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8th September 2003, 21:39
Just heard a humourous rendering regard the coast guard S61 at shannon.

Seemingly some training captains were practising auto rotations at shannon and in the general melee somebody forgot to lower the undercarriage.Result a bump followed by imediate lift off and a second attempt to land this time with the correct requirements in place .

the helo was then shipped to Norway for repair where it was discovered that it would take sixmonths to obtain the nessacary parts .The local panel beater was called in and a few bashes of a hammer later and a few coats of paint later and the machine was returned to Shannon.

This machine will be located to waterford this week so I hope to have a closer look....doubt if they let me have any photos.

I have been reliably informed that EI SAR was built in 1964.....who says the Allouettes have seniorty in years......rumour has it that CHC are looking at replacing the S61Ns with EH101s.