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24th July 2009, 18:08
This is a quick thanks to the Cav lads doin the CRV/MRV Crewmans course, in the Glen last week,

We had a few bods doin Rec training and on tuesday there was some logistical mishap that led to one of these periods of hurry up and wait,

Seein this the lads offered to give the troops a quick walk through of the new mowags.
This was appreciated from the perspective that the troops got to see an interesting piece of kit, and from the Cpl who gave us the tour, as he displayed absolute professionalism, and also was very thorough given he was given two mins notice.



Hello Alaska
24th July 2009, 21:10
Were you up there for the whole week? I could've sworn I heard one of your lot saying you were just up for the weekend.

Glad to hear the lads enjoyed the new Mowags, always nice to get to see some new kit.