View Full Version : WW2 era plane flying over Kildare yesterday

15th September 2003, 09:33
I was sittin at home yesterday in Celbridge watching the Great Escape on TV. It got to the scene where, during the escape, there is an air raid. I was watching away and then I realised that the plane sound effects sounded a bit too loud. Over I went to the window and looked out only to see some large WW2 (I think) type plane droning overhead, it had a pretty wide wingspan and had the H type tail that was on the Lancaster bombers.

Anyone else see/hear it or have any idea what it could be?

15th September 2003, 09:44
T'is a product of Beechcraft, it is at Weston at present, and as far as I know the USAF livery is fiction. Hopefully I will get a piccy tomorrow, all[unusualy] going well.:D :D :cool:

15th September 2003, 09:57
I didnt see any US livery, it was gettin dark. Was it some WW2 era plane? Thats what it looked (and sounded) like

17th September 2003, 08:57
any luck with a pic yet?

Big Al
18th September 2003, 02:01
it was probably the aer araan flight to cork **shudder**

22nd September 2003, 10:25
I saw it again yesterday evening.......