View Full Version : Irish Air Corps F-16 spotted.....

25th September 2003, 14:07

I was a bit bored at work so i made this....

If only it was real! :)

25th September 2003, 14:20
I'll have two squadrons worth please!

25th September 2003, 19:46
Yes we will take 20 of those and another batch in Mid December, oh and can i get them in Delightful two tone grey with "Welcome to Ireland" written along the fuselage for aircraft that we will intercept?

My address is

Defence Minister Of Ireland
Secret Base Abbeyshrule
Co. Longford

No stamp needed.:-patriot:

:flagwave: :flagwave: :flagwave:

25th September 2003, 20:26
They'd probably be named after Irish boyband members, people would go to war with us just to get a shot at Bryan McFadden

26th September 2003, 10:08
Let's see a panther's head on the intake.

26th September 2003, 11:38
Here's a camo 1 to hide it from crusties


26th September 2003, 12:44
ICUN you have too much time on your hands!

26th September 2003, 13:35
I know!

(don't tell my boss though!)

26th September 2003, 15:52
Now the second F-16 looks fit for the South American Theater

The Thing
27th September 2003, 18:06
Yes if you look closely under the wing you can see a Danish Airforce marking.
That was very kind of them to donate these vintage jet fighters to the Irish Air Corps.
Perhaps they felt guilty that the Vikings had raped and plundered Ireland, oh well at least they have given us an F-16 as a sorry gesture!
We say all's forgiven now give us twelve more, thank you very much!

28th September 2003, 11:06
oops....didn't notice that danish marking when I was changing it!

29th September 2003, 12:12
<FONT FACE="TAHOMA" COLOR="#FF9900">Hey ICUN can I have a Job there!!??!!
All these clients keep interfearing with my browsing/dossing/updating.

I have one Complaint though. It should Say "Aér Chór Na h-Eireann" on the side, as most of the A/C do already.


3rd October 2003, 15:19
ICUN i thought you had too much time on your hands but in a weird twist i believe that it is THE THING who has way too much time on his hands, nobody would have stared at those pictures long enough to scrutinise it enough to see the Danish AF Roundel:-patriot:

Thing.........i think you should get a job as a historian :flagwave: