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12th February 2010, 21:02
i have an interest in the old irish vehicle and i hope some of you may be the same and maybe add the odd photo.

peerless armoured cars arrived in ireland around 1920 there were still in use in 1940 and even then some of there armour was used on the layland armoured car and there terrets used on the ford mk 5 armoured car, we have a lovly restored one in the curragh camp.

12th February 2010, 21:46
more peerless

12th February 2010, 22:47
Visited the Curragh in May of last year but wasn't allow to photograph this machine and was sworn to secrecy of its existence.

Its the real deal unlike the one that turned up in the film Michale Collins which was a fabricated mock up.

Goldie fish
13th February 2010, 12:36
The last photo.. what ship is it being loaded from/to? Could it be, for example on its way to the invasion of cork by Free State forces?

13th February 2010, 20:11
The last photo.. what ship is it being loaded from/to? Could it be, for example on its way to the invasion of cork by Free State forces?
it was either the SS ARVONIA or the SS LADY WICKLOW ,,free state army august 1922 on the way to cork.. here's some more photos from the same day...

13th February 2010, 21:06
I thought that the present Peerless was built by the apprentice school on a chassis from a peerless truck that was acquired specially for the project as the only exsisting Peerless Armoured car was in Bovington Tank Museum

Connaught Stranger
13th February 2010, 21:10
Ford Mk V. A Peerless connection:-

On the 11th of July 1940 the Dept of Finance sanctioned the purchase of .5 inch mild steel plate for the production of 14 Ford Mk V. armoured cars by Thompson & Son, Carlow.

These vehicles were designed by Major A. W. Mayne. While they drew on the Rolls-Royce armoured car for inspiration they incorporated lessons learned during the construction of the Leyland armoured cars.

The mild steel plate was welded by Thompsons and each car's wheelbase reduced to 122 inches. The design ensured that each vehicles weight was optimally distributed between front and back.

As a result the Thompson (or Carlow) Ford Mk V was a stronger (and cheaper) vehicle than the GSR's Mark IV and had far better road performance.

All 14 Ford Mark Vs were fitted with Hotchkiss .303 armed turrets that had been retained in Cavalry Workshops when the Peerless armoured cars were scrapped.

While the Hotchkiss were obsolete the turrets themselves were made from good quality armoured steel plate.

All the Ford Mark Vs were sold on the 28th May 1954.

Connaught Stranger.

13th February 2010, 21:20
Front, side and interior shots of the Peerless on display at Bovington:

14th February 2010, 11:38
great to see an interest and some photos getting posted ,,more peerless,, curragh camp in the late 20s

14th February 2010, 19:20
Visited the Curragh in May of last year but wasn't allow to photograph this machine and was sworn to secrecy of its existence.

Why so? :S

Border Bunny
14th February 2010, 22:03
Was the armoured bodies of the Peerless armoured cars new are were they taken from the old Austin armoured cars?

14th February 2010, 23:59
The Car wasn't finished and was secret and its first outing was to be for D Cav 's retirement in July

Its the Arvonia unloading, had to wait for the tide to drop as there were no suitable cranes in passage west to unload the armour and the artillery

Lady wicklow was aday behind in the landings as she had taken part in the Kerry Landings two days before and had to return to Dublin to collect her stores, troops and artillery. She arrived the ady after the Arvonia had unloaded which wasn't until after midnight as she had to wait fro the tide to drop to use planks to unload.

This period is subject to abook of which I am co authour that will be release next year, the problems are records, those exist are from the papers and other books. The newspaper especially the Cork Examiner couldn't publish the story as it had been burned by the anti treaty . the records on the vent are asacre, with everything being done on an ad hoc basis .The mastermind behind the landings was Emmet Dalton who reitired from the army and politics directly after the civil war and would never allow an autobiography. and bequested that his children would never allow one written so gain the weak point is the actually planning that went in to the landings.

there is a lot of circumstantial and anecdotal and even some fact, alot of unanswered questions, massive differences in troops amount used and carried and even debate to the other ships use...the involvement of the Muirchu, landings at West port, the shannon,Union Hall, Waterford and Passage west.kerry etc

Just never been all put together in once place before.Any thing that is available I have but some of the key points and how they were arrived at are missing and until these can be addressed we can only assume such things, but that would lead to some situations we are no happy with so have to be cleared up to finish the book.

15th February 2010, 10:16
thats grand free book on the way,,,i dont know why the peerless was a secret i think its just the way they do things, its great to have it i'd pay to see it if we had a public museum,, an awful lot of work went into it fair play to them, im sure there was many a trip to bovington camp with the measuring tape..its like the ford mk 6 (field) dont know why they dont want anyone to know about it, or even worse there is a armoured lancia in the uk she's an x RIC one with its original armour and in a un restored condition but the private owner doe's not want anybody to see it.