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1st October 2003, 12:32
Can you identify the name and location of this ship please?

Regards etc

1st October 2003, 12:46
Floating museum based on an old carrier?

1st October 2003, 13:08
That looks like a Farmer next to the island, they were neer operated from carriers...

1st October 2003, 13:39
im with YJ on this one.... that looks like an F 5 in the middle of the picture! next to the AA gun!

can i take a stab in the dark?
is it that aircraft carrier musium in new york

1st October 2003, 13:39
Eh, a Farmer is a MiG 19, the picture has a MiG 21 Fishbed..

Anyway, there are several floating Carrier museums, among them
USS Intrepid, Lexington, Hornet,

Intrepid has a Polish MiG 21 on display, but the other aircraft don't seem to be present.


Goldie fish
1st October 2003, 18:34
CVS11, USS Intrepid. Now a Floating Museum at the Sea*Air*Space Museum (http://www.intrepidmuseum.org/) in NYC

Next question...

1st October 2003, 18:46
Looking a bit worse for wear. She is an Essex class fast carrier with quite a history. Several of her sisters also survive as musems. The Hornet, Yorktown, and the Lexington I believe. If CT reads this he can confirm that the hornet is actually across the SF bay in Alameda.

2nd October 2003, 11:09
My eyesights not what it used to be

2nd October 2003, 18:27
eh, CT not CQ.

2nd October 2003, 23:04

3rd October 2003, 01:14
For why does it have a pair of MIG 21's on board?One of them obviously being Polish!

Goldie fish
3rd October 2003, 15:43
Its a museum.....

4th October 2003, 01:20
Yes a Yank one i take it!Not former Soviet Bloc,I know they'd like to show off their war booty but.............

Goldie fish
4th October 2003, 16:03
OK Erwin,I'll speak in small words,cos its obvious you are dumb.....in an earlier 2 posts,links were given to details of this ship, where she is located,whats aboard and why. Visit those websites before you ask any more silly questions. Then change your avatar. I am familiar with his work,and it has no place on this site.

5th October 2003, 23:06
Take a chill pill man!BTW you don't have to be so patronising either & obviously i couldn't have been bothered visiting the links!Thats you off me Chrimbo card list & into me "Black Book".What did big Ron do on you BTW?

The Thing
12th October 2003, 00:27
Or however you spell it France's first fighter?